How To Win Over His Friends?


So you’ve found the perfect guy, he makes your heart skip a beat and you’ve gotten in tight with his family. But there’s one obstacle, his friends. They haven’t exactly warmed to you and you know how important they are to your man, you want to make a good impression but don’t know what to do. Well don’t you worry I’m here to give you the 5 steps to kickin’ it with your boyfriend’s friends.

Easy There Eager Beaver

So you’re meeting your boyfriend’s friends for the first time, you want to make a good impression so you start rambling like a madwoman and start spewing what little sports knowledge you have. Dear lord stop! Look, not only are you just embarrassing yourself but you’re embarrassing your man. They don’t care that you took notes during the last Superbowl, they simply want to know if you’re a crazy psycho like your man’s ex and if you’re going to start keying his car if things go wrong. Treat them like you did his family, make a good impression, keep the conversation light, and find some common ground. Here’s an easy one: you’re both really fond of the same guy, if all else fails talk about how long they’ve known each other.

Your Boyfriend’s Friends Are Not Your Friends

Now you’re in, you can easily attend a party and say what’s up to your boyfriend’s friends, you feel comfortable with them. While you may have found some common interest’s and get along fine never forget they are your boyfriend’s friends, not yours. You will never be one of the boys and they will always put their boy first. Don’t start asking them for insider information and don’t expect them to come running to you if your man messes up. Bro’s before Ho’s is a real thing, they’ll go to the grave hiding each other’s secrets and you’ll just look crazy trying to pull information out of them.

Don’t Hangout Alone

No matter how much you get along with your boyfriend’s friends there will always be boundaries.  The easiest way to destroy men’s relationships with each other is to start connecting on a one-on-one level. Don’t hang out with your boyfriend’s friends one-on-one; you don’t want to invite the suspicions as to why you two decided to go out for coffee together. Your boyfriend is going to start thinking that his friend is moving in on his girl and you’re going to be questioned endlessly about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s harmless, by saying yes, you just opened Pandora’s dirty box of questions and suspicions. Your boyfriend’s friend just crossed a standard guy code law and they will probably never look at each other the same. Avoid the whole situation and don’t do it.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Perhaps, if the other friend is married, in a serious relationship or homosexual, logically everything should be okay. But we’re talking about love, logic generally goes out the window whether single or committed once everyone finds out about your little escapade the rumor mill will fire up and cause nothing but drama. Who needs that?

The Girlfriends are Your Friends

You’ll never crack the guy code barrier but you’re not alone. Your boyfriend has friends and they’ve got girlfriends. You don’t have to start a book club with these ladies but it never hurts to get them on your side. Get in with them and not only will your boyfriend’s friends be happy but you’ll have an at home cheerleading team.  Now when the boys want to have a night out and your friends are busy, the girlfriends can get together and dish about the latest gossip.

The end all be all key to kickin’ it with your boyfriend’s friends is simple though: just be yourself! I know obvious right?  Just remember you don’t need to be their best friend, you need to be friendly. When you’re comfortable; they’re comfortable.

Have any tips for making friends with your boyfriends friends? Share them let’s dish.

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