How To Have A Fun, Day-Long Date Without Breaking The Bank


These days, dating isn’t as inexpensive as it used to be. In fact, a typical dinner and movie date can cost as much as $100, by the time you consider the cost of dinner itself (usually around $50 or so), plus at least $20 to see the movie, and don’t forget popcorn and pop, which will probably cost another $20. And, many other activities have jumped in price too, making them way to expensive for dating. So, how can a couple enjoy a fun date without having to take out a bank loan?

There are plenty of options available to create the ideal date, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can plan a full, day-long date that will cost less than dinner and a movie, which in total, only lasts three to four hours. Here are some fun, inexpensive activities you can do with a date, and be able to enjoy each other’s company for an entire day.

The Night Before Your Date

Prepare a fun lunch that you and your date can enjoy on a picnic. Make tasty sandwiches (remember not to use mayonnaise, unless you are bringing a cooler), lemonade, desserts, and all kinds of other delicious treats that the two of you can eat just about anywhere. Don’t forget to pack a few extra snacks for energy throughout the day. Pack a basket with your food and everything else you think you will need for a nice picnic.


You can begin your date with a delicious breakfast at a local diner, and we don’t mean a fast food joint. There are plenty of great mom and pop establishments that offer full breakfasts for under $10, and that is for the two of you. Once you have gotten breakfast out of the way, it’s time to start having some fun!

If you have planned your all-day date for a Saturday, then you will be able to find plenty of fun things to do. Check out your newspaper for flea markets, garage sales and other community events that cost nothing to attend. You may even find some really great deals on fun and unusual items. See if there are any concerts or plays at local parks, or take in a fun workshop with activities you both enjoy.


Take a drive in the country, and find a nice place to go for a leisurely walk through the woods, or along a sandy beach. You can spend hours just enjoying nature, and each other, and it doesn’t cost a thing. After your walk, you will probably be hungry, and this would be a great time to enjoy that delicious picnic lunch you packed the night before. A late lunch can also serve as dinner, and will allow you more time for fun evening activities.


After a fun day of shopping, eating, hiking, and more, you will probably be ready to start winding down. Rent a favorite classic movie, and snuggle up together on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn. After the movie, you can move on to other things. What a terrific way to end a fun, day-long date.

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