Better than Making Love…


The happiest couples rank one thing as being the most satisfying part of their happy union.

This one thing even outranked sex!

In today’s blog, I’ll share with you the results of a survey designed to ferret out the secrets of the world’s happiest couples. Then, I’ll give you 2 tips to maximize this happiness-inducing one thing into your relationship.  Read on…

The 1 Thing Happy Couples Love

Long-term couples who actually count themselves in the “happy” category tend to share common characteristics.  Some of those include respect and admiration, a deep and abiding love, and a willingness to not sweat the small stuff.

In a survey that was done to see what the world’s happiest couples can teach the rest of us, couples answered hundreds of questions to see what separated the wheat from the chaff.

While being affectionate, feeling like one’s partner is a friend and sex were ranked as a healthy part of a happy relationship, 40% of the happiest couples surveyed ranked communication at the best part of all.

Really?  Talking over sex?

It makes sense, and here’s why…

Good communication, where you and your partner share the deepest, most intimate thoughts and feelings with each other creates a strong bond.  Your intimate connection weaves tighter and tighter, and your sense of trust can also deepen.

The trouble is, too many couples become lazy with their talk.  They stick to the most banal topics, such as grocery list items and what traffic was like on the commute home.

There’s nothing wrong with this.  Not every conversation is going to be a deep philosophical discussion, nor is every moment ripe for the bearing of your soul.  When you’re driving somewhere together and you’re lost and trying to figure out where you are isn’t the best time to dig into the meaning of life, right?

However, a little time and attention can turn your talk-time from blah to zing.  Here’s how…

Talk-Time Booster Tip #1: Timing It Right

So timing is everything, but it doesn’t have to be a grand production.  One thing that helps is timing your communication with what’s going on, and timing things appropriately.

Like the example I just gave, you don’t dig into the meaning of life when your partner is trying to ask someone for directions.  First of all, they’re distracted, and so you won’t have their full attention.  It’s a challenge to feel intimately connected to someone who is so distracted, they can only answer you with “uh huh, uh huh.”

Talk-Time Booster Tip #2: Grease the Wheels

Along with timing your conversations appropriately, you also want to create an environment that is conducive to deeper talks.

For example, some of the best talks a couple can have is while out for a walk.  They’re moving, they’re relaxing, they’re in nature… and something about that combination helps couples open up to each other in ways they don’t do at the dinner table.

So, find a fun activity, something that makes you both laugh and relax, and then regularly schedule time for it.

This will grease the wheels to get you both talking away… and joining that 40% statistic of the happiest couples.