5 Best Ways To Ask A Girl Out In A Different Country


The 5 best ways to ask a girl out in a different country are, at their foundation, the same five best ways you’d ask a girl out from your own town. You have to be creative to ask a girl out no matter where she’s from. Don’t be scared of a possible language barrier. Use what would be a disadvantage to benefit you. How do you do this? Get onlineMany online dating sites offer ways to meet foreign women in your area, including women from exotic and faraway places, such as Japan, India, Colombia, Russia, ukrainian matchmaking services, and many other countries. Once you make a connection, you can arrange to meet in person.

By being original. By being new. Use your mind and the rest will follow. Asking a girl out is all about your presentation. Be cool, confident, and creative, and you’ll greatly increase the chance that she’ll meet you for lunch. Here’s five of the best ways to ask a girl out in a different country.

What you may need:
  • mobile phone
  • notebook and paper
  • five bucks
  • napkin
  1. Charades. The easiest way to ask a girl out from another country is to play charades. If she’s checking you out, just walk up to her and act out a scene of you and her going to dinner. If anything, she’ll give you points for trying.
  2. Smart phone. Language barriers are only a problem if you let them be. Body language is far more important. If you’re eyeing her and she’s looking back at you, don’t let the fact that she speaks French and you’re an uneducated dude from Chicago stop you. Most smart phones have language translators. Quickly download the app and run over to ask the girl out. Type in a date request and have the app translate it for you. Now struggle to read it aloud to her. Don’t worry if you don’t sound right. She’ll like the fact that you went through all the trouble.
  3. Pictures. If, for some reason, you don’t have a smart phone, then be smart and use your brain. Grab a piece of notebook paper and draw two stick figures holding hands. Show it to her. Make sure she knows it’s you and her. Simple hand gestures will work here. If she smiles, ask her to hold on. Now draw you and her at a dinner table or a restaurant. Simple as that. Once again, asking a girl out in this fashion will get you “cute” points.
  4. Get a translator. Find a guy that speaks English. Give him five bucks to be your translator. Walk over to the girl and formally introduce yourself through him. Oh, and give her a rose or something. Just ask the dude before hand to be as poetic as possible when translating.
  5. The napkin trick. Nice gestures go a lot farther than any language ever can. If you know she’s interested, approach her. Grab a square napkin and make a flower out of it. All you have to do is wrap the napkin around your index finger once. Then wrap it around your index and middle finger. Spread your wrapped fingers slightly. Remove them. Now twist the rest of the napkin tightly. Before you get to the end of the napkin, tear a small piece of the napkin so it hangs out. Continue twisting the napkin until you reach the end. You’ve just effectively made a paper flower. Give it to her. Now struggle to get her to understand you want her number. This is by far the coolest way to ask a girl out just because it’s so lame. You get it?

Avoid telling a  women you meet that you were specifically looking to meet foreign women. Instead, lead her to believe that you were just so intrigued by her beauty and demeanor, you couldn’t help but try to meet her. This little white lie will flatter her and help you form a stronger connection.

5 Tips For The First Date

Got your first date and need 5 tips for your first date? Then you have found the perfect list.  If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be more likely to impress the girl you’ve got your eye on and secure a second date.

  1. Respect your date: Our first tip for a first date is also our most important tip and that is respect your date. Do not be a jerk or a jackass to them. It’s a major turnoff it’s cool to be that way with friends but not a first date.
  2. Make room for conversation: Our second tip for a first date is to basically shut up every once and awhile. This allows your date to enter the conversation and will allow you to get to them.
  3. Listen to your date: Our third third tip for a first date is to listen to them. This person could be your soul mate, but you will never know unless you listen to what they are saying. It may come back to haunt you later especially if you start dating. For instance if she told you her birthday on your first date and it’s a week later and you forgot. That makes your first date think that you don’t care about them.
  4. Choose something that can end shortly if needed: Not all first dates are going to go well, so our fourth tip for your first date is do something with them that can end quickly if needed. For instance, if they like video games, take them to an arcade the date can last hours or can be ended shortly with a simple excuses.
  5. Do something that is won’t break your budget: We know you want to impress on your first date, but don’t break your budget by doing something insane. While you may get that second date and by doing an impressive first date, you are never going to be able to top that unless you want to spend even more money.
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