Women Fashion Mistakes: Things Women Rock that We Wish They Didn’t


We recently addressed some of the things that women do to attract men. I’m sure we could have come up with a list miles long. Now, its time to address some of the things women rock that absolutely have to go! Come on now ladies, we have to step our games up and not fall victim to some of these fashion and beauty no-nos.

Ladies, what female trends and looks do you wish would die? Fellas, feel free to chime in!


I was shopping in the mall the other day, and this woman came up to me and asked whether the dress she picked out went with the shoes she had. Both the dress and the shoes were a loud cheetah print that matched perfectly. Eeeek! I looked at her garments and her ready-to-buy expression, and decided I would be honest with her. Just because you’re wearing a printed dress does not mean you need to be on a wild goose chase for the exact printed shoe. It’s doing too much.

Loud Streaks:

Subtle highlights can really add warmth to a woman’s face. However, harsh, overdone streaks throughout all of your hair just look tacky. If you’re not an expert on hair dying and coloring, leave it to an expert.

Nails Too Long:

If you’re going to wear tips on your nails, please get a realistic nail length. There is no reason for your nails to be curling over your fingers. Natural-looking nails are in and should be embraced. What’s even worse is when women get long nails and put elaborate and might I add ghetto designs on each nail. Not. A. Good. Look.

Hair NOT Done:

I know there are constant debates and arguments among black women about hair. The truth is we need to spend less time discussing whose hair is better, and more time caring for our own hair, whether it be natural, weave, permed, ect. #TeamNatural may be exempt from the many hair issues that plague women who wear weaves and/or lacefronts, but don’t be fooled. Women who go out the house with dry, unkempt natural hair are just as bad as those women who step out the house trying to blend curly edges with straight yaki weave. Ladies, just be conscientious of your hair, and keep it looking right no matter how you choose to style it. Walking out the house with a H.A.M on your head is unforgivable.

FAKE Designer Bags:

So, we’ve all been approached by sketchy street vendors who promise to sell new Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses. Fine. Some of these “designer” bags may look so much like the real thing that it could even fool the designer. Fine. However, some of these bags are not fooling anyone. For instance the fake Chanel bags with “G’s” on them instead of the classic Chanel “C’s”, and the “Gucci” purses adorned with cheap plastic-like decals. A blind man can tell that these bags are not the real deal.

Ghostly Make-Up:

I know foundation can be a hard thing to find when you’re a woman of a darker complexion. However there are many places that will match your makeup for you. There is nothing worse than a woman wearing make-up that is too light for her face.

I could go on with this list forever, but I want to hear what you think. What things do other women rock that you really wish they didn’t?