Music For Meeting Women


Everybody knows the simple fact that songs get stuck in our heads and effect our moods. What most people don’t realize is, we can consciously take control of our mind’s internal soundtracks to help steer our emotions towards more resourceful and more powerful states of mind.

As the guys here at Loveawake go out to meet more women every day (while recommending you do the same), we’ve had a bit of time to play around, experiment with and find out what internal soundtracks helps us out the most. The only thing we’ve found to be consistent is that everyone has different subjective reactions to different types of music. Some of us don’t react very strongly to it at all. That’s okay too. It doesn’t matter if you like folk, reggae, techno, old school rap, chip tunes, post rock or polka, pretty much anything is really okay. The important aspect is YOUR subjective reactions to it. Does the internal song make you feel:

  • More friendly
  • More open
  • More sociable
  • More talkative
  • More upbeat
  • More relaxed
  • Happier
  • In a better overall mood?

If so, then these are the kinds of tunes we want to accompany us as we go about approaching girls on the street, in cafes, at the health club, on trains, buses, airplanes, and everywhere else we happen to go.

Sometimes the above list of subjectively elicited feelings from music don’t serve our purpose for that day. Some days we don’t have much time so we want to meet a lot of hot women really quickly (so we internally listen to music that helps us feel more adrenaline, more energy, more blood pumping). Other days we want to slow down and savor every moment (so we internally listen to music that helps us feel more relaxed, more chill, more swagger). Look for other tunes that accomplish those internal soundtrack management goals, respectively. Substitute whatever kind of music causes you to feel this way. Find what music works best for you to draw out your most useful moods while meeting more women.

While there might be tendencies and patterns to what music causes which emotion (ie, reggae tends to relax while fast techno tends to excite), no two people’s reaction to the same melody is ever exactly the same. Experiment, find your own best soundtrack, keep on rocking in the free world.