What Is The Best Day To Go On A Date?


This article shows you the best day to go on a date in order to maximize your success with high quality women.

I poked my head into a popular men’s magazine today. Lo and behold, there was some bad dating advice wrapped up in a pretty bow, all designed to make guys feel like they are doing things right, without ever really knowing (or testing) what actually works.

A little background: The column was written by a woman and she used a subtle guilt-trip to convince guys that they are “doing the right thing”.

First of all, always be careful when you hear dating advice from women. (Actually, be careful when you hear dating advice from men, too. Doesn’t matter who it’s from.)

Most of the time women will give guys advice because they think that’s what they want while promptly dumping and rejecting every guy who follow said advice.

Actions speak louder than words.

The mail-in reader’s question was, “What day is the best date day?”

The female writer for the magazine replied the best date days were weekends, especially early on.

We disagree completely.

I Recommend You Avoid Weekends Early in the Dating Process

Avoid weekends.

Especially before she is your exclusive girlfriend.

We save weekends for our exclusive, declared girlfriends. Girls who we’re just dating (ie, they haven’t yet become our proper girlfriend) get weekday evenings.

Keep in mind, avoiding weekends is the most useful when you start dating a woman who is actually potential girlfriend material. If she’s just a fling who you don’t really care if she stays or goes, then feel free to see her whenever you want.

The following advice is for when there might actually be a potentially great relationship in the future.

What If She Thinks I’m Seeing Someone Else on the Weekend?

What’s the best day to go on a date? Hopefully not Leap Day.

Want to know what was the reasoning of the female columnist earlier was?

I’m paraphrasing, “If you see her on the weekday she’ll think you’re saving the weekend for someone else.”

Notice the subtle guilt-trip built-in to that.

Let me clarify the Loveawake position on this subject: Weekends are reserved for girlfriends. If you don’t have a girlfriend then weekends are reserved for meeting new women, relaxing, doing your hobbies, working on your own projects, improving yourself or spending time with friends and family.

She has to earn the right to spend weekends with you.


By showing you that she is a really great girl in addition to her looks.

But what if she asks what you’re doing on the weekend?

You deflect her question with wit and humor (Smart girls will understand that this is your polite way of telling her ‘none of your business’).

But what if she keeps pressing to find out what you did during the weekend?

Then you get a chance to work on your assertive skills. It really, truly is absolutely none of her business.

The Exceptions: When Can You Go on Weekend Dates?

There is one big exception to the no-weekend guideline:

If she has already begged you to be her boyfriend and you’ve accepted so that she is your declared, exclusive, proper girlfriend. In which case, spending time together on weekends is all fine and dandy. Have a blast.

The other minor exception would be when she invites you on a weekend date (if you’re doing things like we teach then this will happen a lot more than you might expect).

Then… Maybe… If she’s been a good girl so far… And it’s not too short notice… And it sounds like a fun date plan… And you want to spend some time with her… Then you can accept. Otherwise, make a counteroffer to see her on a weekday.

You want to be the mysterious, assertive, confident man who has his own life.

How to Handle Her Concerns That You Are Dating Multiple Women

And to address the concern that the guilt-trip laced advice from the magazine columnist brought up…

…What if she thinks you’re seeing another girl?


Listen up dude, girls are out there dating lots of different guys searching around for one who they like.

If you’re smart and you want to stand a greater chance of finding the woman of your dreams, you’ll do the same.

Before becoming exclusive boyfriend and girlfriend is when you are supposed to date multiple women. Heck, date as many women as possible until you find one who is so amazing that you don’t want to date any other women.

When a beautiful woman with a good attitude who is completely into you thinks you’re possibly dating other girls (and don’t you ever talk about other girls to her), she rises to the challenge and become the very best she can for you.

The women that we train our guys to be with (intelligent women with ambition) want to beat out the competition, claim you for their own and win their right to spend weekends with you.

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