Nurturing Love In Relationships Can Lead To Much More

Nurturing Love In Relationships Can Lead To Much More

Human beings tend to have an innate desire for nurturing love and to be loved as well. There are even some scientific studies that show children who grow up in loving, nurturing environments tend to be healthier and better adjusted to the world around them than those who do not. How to go about nurturing love in relationships can depend a great deal on the type of relationship at hand. Nurturing love in a marriage or adult relationship can be quite different from the type of love a parent shows a child.

Understanding the importance of nurturing love in a relationship often involves grasping the basic human need to belong and be accepted. How to go about nurturing love will depend a lot on the situation at hand, but many of the most basic ways to do this seem to transcend all situations.

Nurturing Love Is Important For Self-Worth

Whether it’s the love of a parent for a child or love between a man and woman, being loved can be a very powerful force for self-worth and self-esteem. Those who feel they are loved, are often more confident, satisfied and happy. Love might not be a panacea for everyone, but if it’s felt and returned, it can be an incredible force. Having a sense of not being alone in the world can be important for such things as:

Sense of security

Whether it’s a child grasping the power of the unconditional love of a parent or a spouse realizing they do not walk alone in the world, there can be a level of security that comes along with a strong love bond that is nurtured properly.

Sense of well being

The comfort that comes from loving and being loved can add a great deal to a person’s sense of well being.


When a person realizes she is important in the eyes of another, sense of self-worth tends to rise.

Nurturing love in any relationship can take time and effort, but the rewards tend to come back tenfold. Just as many volunteers say the work is the reward, so say many who are in love or love and work at the prospect. Finding the right ways to nurture love in a relationship can be very personal. The methods can also vary on the type of relationship involved.

Nurturing Love for a Child

In most cases, parents instinctively form a very strong bond with their children. Even still, the love for a child is often frequently tested from day one. Between 2 a.m. feedings, 1,001 questions and teenage angst, many parents do manage to hold true to the notion that love for a child is unconditional. For many, the bond is simply there, but a need to nurture it will likely still exist.

The role of a parent, in many people’s eyes, is to love, shelter, feed and supervise learning. While all of these constitute showing love and responsibility for a child, some parents choose to work differently at nurturing love on a more personalized level. What exactly will work to show a child how loved they are will depend on the child in question and the age, but some find these ideas beneficial:

– Cuddling

There are many medical professionals that say cuddling, especially for babies, is a very important part of the growing process. Babies tend to thrive when they are held, feel secure and feel loved. Cuddling is a great way to nurture not only love, but also a bond between child and parent. Human contact can be very important for healthy maturation.

– Small gestures

Children very often do not “need” expensive gifts, high-tech toys and the latest clothes, what they really need in many cases are small gestures that show them they are important. Special breakfasts before big tests, little notes in their lunch boxes, a pat on the back for a job well done are all things money cannot necessarily buy.

– Time

Even when they don’t admit it, many children crave their parents’ attention, time and approval. Making sure they have undivided attention on a regular basis is what many believe is the best possible way to show them they are loved, wanted and important.

– Firm guidance

While loving is a very big part of a parent’s job, so too is guiding. It is possible to nurture love while helping ensure a child stays on the right path. Many experts say one of the best ways to show a child how loved he or she is happens to involve offering firm guidance, boundaries and expectations.

To ensure that love is nurtured with a child, many parents believe firm, but gentle guidance, lots of hugs and cuddles and the simplest of gestures go the farthest.

Nurturing Love In A Marriage

While love between a parent and a child tends to come “easy,” keeping love alive and strong between two adults can actually require a little work. Make no mistake; the bond between two adults can be incredibly strong. It’s keeping it that way that takes the effort. Even the most rock solid relationships often require a little tender, loving, care from time to time.

Some of the most successful long-term relationships have endured thanks to the acceptance and observance of a few little tricks. While many say what is meant to be will be, others say what is meant to be still needs to be tended from time to time. To help nurture loving relationships, many couples try to observe:

– Honesty

This isn’t always easy, but couples who remain honest with themselves and each other tend to endure a little better over time.

– Respect

Many long-married couples say one of the keys to their longevity lies in a sense of mutual respect. Even if both are mad at each other, frustrated or downright angry, if a sense of respect for personal space, opinions and feelings pervades, these couples say almost any obstacle is surmountable.

– Trust

With honesty and respect, trust can help nurture love and keep a relationship going strong.

– Friendship

Married couples might fall in and out of love with each other, but if friendship is at the base of a relationship, it’s possible in many cases to thrive through those “down” periods.

– Personal space

Marriage or any long-term relationship is considered by many to be a partnership between two equal parties. When both parties are given the room and space to grow personally as well as together, many couples say wonderful things happen.

Nurturing love between a couple can take time and effort. Few people will ever say relationships are easy. It tends to take patience, perseverance, understanding and a desire to work with another’s needs and wants in mind to really make a solid go of it.

Love is defined in a lot of ways by different people. When the desire is to let a person know he or she is special and make another’s world go around, the need to nurture that love will likely be present. There are many ways to show another how loved he is, from gentle touches to simple, selfless acts, they can all go a long way toward nurturing love.

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