Meditations on Relationships


For human beings, relationships with others are one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences we have in our lifetimes. We form spiritual, physical and emotional relationships internally and with others on a daily basis, which last anywhere from fleeting moments to many years.

Nurturing these relationships and maintaining their individual health can be, at times, joyous, overwhelming, satisfying and confusing. Addressing your relationships from a spiritual standpoint is not only helpful in keeping you centered, it also has a tremendous effect on redirecting otherwise complicated interpersonal situations onto a higher path and helping you find happiness. If you find yourself challenged by relationships, try one or all of the following and see if you experience new or slightly different outcomes than what you normally expect. Remember, healthy relationships grow and change – stagnant ones remain still and eventually fall away.


The most important moment for you to take before engaging the growth process in any relationship is the one for yourself. Sit quietly in a meditative posture and breathe deeply for 10 counts. As you feel your body relax, envision yourself and the relationship you wish to work on. This could be a person, job or other situation. See a ball of white light form in your heart center. Expand this ball to encompass your entire being. Now, surround the white light with a violet flame. See a beam of bright, divine light shooting up from the top of your head and connecting to the higher Source. Next, look at the relationship you are working on and envision a beam of bright, white light shooting out from your heart center and encompassing the person, job or situation. See it engulfed in the brightest, most divine light. Breathe in and out until you feel a sense of peace. When you feel ready, place your index and middle finger over your third eye (the space between your brows) and blow your breath out, inhale and do this several times as you gently come back into the room.

Positive Affirmations

As you know, these are phrases that you can speak to yourself while looking into a mirror or repeat quietly to yourself. Keep in mind that positive affirmations are not meant to suppress or discount the emotional state you are in they are meant to redirect you to a higher place of consciousness and peace. Please also remember that positive affirmations are personal, should only be used when addressing yourself and honing your sense of self-respect, and not in an attempt to “change” another person:

  • I deserve good things in my life and know that I am taken care of
  • Each area of my live exudes abundance
  • I expect to find happiness and achieve only the best outcome for every situation
  • I deserve respect for my personality and my work and others respect me
  • My relationships are rich, full, satisfying and healthy
  • I am positive, constructive and joyous in each area of my life
  • Each moment is an opportunity to show how loving I am

The Bigger Picture

Since it is a natural state of being human to want companionship and engage in relationships, it’s important to realize first your place in them. Finding out where your motivations come from and identifying your desires and needs are of paramount importance. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind in order to help you along your path:

  • Spend your time among people who challenge you to grow, not those who drag you down
  • If you put your attention on the quality of your personal health, you are building upon your greatest wealth
  • Have faith that each outcome has its reasons that you may not see, but are for the best-possible result
  • Be pro-active and realize that your dreams and goals are within reach – just keep your focus
  • Reality does change without notice – keep yourself in a state of positive flow
  • Choose to see the miracle, no matter what its size

As with all learning, practice is key in the quest to find happiness. In order to adopt a positive, healthy way of living in the challenge that relationships present to us, daily study and experimentation is necessary for new habits and behaviors to be formed. You have the ability to change your life. I wish you peace on your journey and success each day.