How to Master Mens Style Today


Being successful with women requires more than just learning a method. You need commitment, the right beliefs, and also the look to go with it. It’s a small but very important part of becoming better with women. Mens style is something that women notice to the finest of detail, so being as fine tuned as possible about your look will mean you get girls approaching you without saying a word! Below is a list of mens style tips that will help you to improve your grooming; not all will apply to everyone.

The following changes aren’t made to be comfortable. Avoid those as they usually require not a lot of change. Go for the ones that will be a BIG change. I suggest you focus on one tip per week until you have worked through the whole list:


Hair can make the most dramatic of changes to mens style. With a new hairstyle you can look like a whole new person in no time at all! Head to a hair stylist and ask for a few suggestions as to what would work. Consider length, colour and texture. Make sure you ask the hair stylist how to maintain the look, whether you will need to straighten your hair and if wax is required.


Absolutely crucial. If you’re overweight, shed the excess fat; if you’re too scrawny put some muscle on. Go to the gym with the goal of looking far more in shape and fitter; there’s no need to aim to become some meat-head, but hitting the gym (min 3 times per week) is a staple part of maintaining mens style. If you want to save money you don’t even need to sign up to the gym. If motivation is a problem for you, consider finding a personal trainer.

Skin Complexion

Without putting your health at risk, tanning up can make you a whole lot healthier. There are various ways to do this, the most obvious being soaking up the sun on your sun lounger. There are quicker ways using sun beds and gradual moisturising tan creams. The quickest option is go for a spray tan at a salon.

Skin Condition

Good skin is another important aspect of mens style. Purchase mens skin cream both for facial and body. Dry skin is unattractive so moisturise well. How do you think the celebrities look so good? They wouldn’t get dry skin! You can kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a ‘gradual build tanning moisturiser’ and tan up whilst moisturising your skin!

Good Teeth

Ask any woman what they like about mens style and you are bound to hear them mention good teeth. If you don’t already, make a conscious effort to brush them twice per day. But to speed up the process I suggest a teeth-whitening kit or get it professionally done at the dentist. If they aren’t straight, head to your dentist and ask him to recommend a few solutions. Braces aren’t what they used to be nowadays, they can be very discreet.

Good Breath

You could be talking to the hottest women ever, and she is melting at your feet, but if you haven’t got fresh breath, it’s game over. Brush, floss, mouthwash and gum will keep your teeth the freshest in the club. Bad breath freaks girls out. End of discussion!


Whatever snack your munching on right now, if it isn’t fruit throw it away. As with exercise, if motivation is an issue for you, speak to one of Nutritionists to find a plan that works well for you. Most importantly, replace the snacks with apples/bananas and quit the fast food! Get in the practice of cooking all your meals yourself – in addition to mens style, we all know how much women admire a man who knows what he’s doing in the kitchen!


Although this is by no mean’s all there is to it, a crucial part of mens style is owning some accessories that will add a little flare to your look. Look towards the trends setters to what accessories will give you that added flare. David Beckham and Justin Timberlake are always pushing the boundaries so go for rosaries and neckerchiefs like them. Nice cufflinks, belts and sunglasses can do the trick. But make sure not to go overboard. You’re better off looking simpler than looking like a fool. If you are new to incorporating accessories into your daily outfits, always remember less is more. Start small by wearing a single leather bracelet if your style identifies as more casual and cool. If you are more into formal looks and want to dress up you can wear timeless and classic steel men’s bracelets also known as plaques.

Glasses / Contacts

Laser surgery or contact lenses is a big change. But with big changes come the look-good / feel-great factor and much more drive. If glasses work for you, consider getting a cool designer pair. Image consultants are experts when it comes to mens style are are on hand to advise you if you feel you would like a professional opinion.


Get rid of all torn, tatty clothes, any stupid coloured or out of fashion garments, over sized or tight clothing. Throw it all out until you are down to your core clothing. Make a commitment now to only buy clothing if:

  • It is well fitted
  • You have asked female opinion and they have said yes.
  • You have the attire to go with it. And if not, buy it now!

Unwanted hair

Women are fine tuned to this, so get rid of it before they notice! Any nose, ear or neck hair is better gone as soon as possible. If you’re very hairy everywhere else, consider trimming, plucking, shaving or waxing.


Finally, have a female friend or a salon style your eyebrows for you. If they are too thick have somebody (preferably female) thin them out. But more importantly remove any hair that joins your eyebrows together.