What Women Want In a Man



The more in depth your commonalties, the better the connection will be. It is just one of the items on the list of what women want. When you find a commonality, this is where you will find real natural conversation that will create the foundations to build a relationship.


This is where you show your differences from the average guy. She must believe you have something to offer and that by being with you she will benefit. Creativity and adventure are what women want. You may be able to passionately talk about many hobbies such as:

  • Art
  • Holidays
  • Drama

Describing your attractive lifestyle will show her that you are what she wants, and there wont be a boring moment when she is in your life.


Make her work for your information. If you give up the information to easily then this is not what women want. For example if she were to say “how old are you?” you reply, “Guess” or “You first”. Even then, don’t give the answer to all the questions. If she asks “What do you do for a living?” reply with, “Lion Tamer” or “I can’t tell you that…” It will drive her nuts! The ‘play hard to get’ rule will show you are playing tough.


If you come across as a nice sensible and normal guy, how could she possibly brag about you to her mates? She needs a guy that other girls will envy; what women want is a guy that beats all her mates’ boyfriends. So be that guy! You must be an authority, beaming with confidence.
Within girl groups, they will always compete to see who has the better boyfriend. They discuss absolutely everything. So make sure you communicate that you are the man. If she thinks you are, she will convince her friends you are too.


By having women around you, any other girls you approach will assume that women are naturally attracted to you. You feel better too because you’ll have 3 or 4 women all interested in you. By talking about girlfriends it will flick this switch too. But don’t brag and don’t make the whole point of the story to tell her that you dated a pole dancer – integrate it within your whole story.


What women want is a man who has dreams, who has life goals. You are onto a winner if you can get her dreaming the same things as you. There is nothing more attractive than a man who knows where he is heading. Make her imagine living the life you aim to live. You don’t have to prove to her right now that you are on the right tracks and you don’t have to be successful right now, but if you know exactly what you aim to achieve in life, she will follow.


This is a key component to being what women want. If you’re going to stand in the corner with your pint across your chest staring at the floor, waiting for her to approach then you have no chance in flicking the confidence switch. By approaching yourself, most women will see that as a confident act.


The most important one. She will not proceed if she doesn’t trust you. It is an important issue for women, and she must know that you have an element of safety. This comes with time, so if you are to spend 8-9 hours with the girl then she will tend to feel a sense of trust. Spreading it over a number of different scenes, bars and activities, over a few different days will make her trust you more.

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