10 Things In Your House Women Love


When your love interest makes that all important visit to your home, it’s your opportunity to shine! It can get awkward if you run out of things to talk about or if she thinks you’re just trying to be Mr. Smoothy Pants. The key is to generate conversation based on items in your home that will easily break the ice and ensure she doesn’t jump out the window. These will do the trick:

A Pet

This item is is self explanatory and pretty much common sense. Women love animals plus it shows that you are nurturing possess the ability to love.

A Musical Instrument

If you are blessed with musical talents, you probably don’t need much help in the women department. There is something about a man that can play a musical instrument. Maybe it is the idea of you serenading her as the sun sets for the evening! Regardless, if musical talent escapes, you can always try to learn right? Keep your instrument (musical instrument that is) in plain view and rest assured that she will make an inquiry.

Personal Wall Accessories

Your home should portray your personality, likes and background. Make sure your walls are not bare; inject some personality into your home with pictures of your family, vacations, etc. and maybe some art that can open up another line of communication with her.

Interesting Books/Magazines

When sitting in your living area, women often look around to get a feel who you are and what you are into. Coffee books, magazines and books will lead her down that path and spark conversation as well.

Kitchen Appliances

Do you cook? If so, you area knotch above the other Love Monkeys out there. Whether you are a magician in the kitchen or not, having a trendy kitchen appliance is definitely recommended. There are tons of eye catching coffee makers, toasters, blenders etc. available that are useful and simply interesting to look at. Show her how it works or even make something together.

Exercise Equipment

Personally, staying healthy is important to me and I would hope my partner shared that sentiment as well. Having some sort of exercise equipment in your home shows her that you take care of yourself and aren’t some lazy slob. However, don’t go put a treadmill in the middle of your living room or anything. Place the equipment in a sensible location please!

Bottles of Wine

Need I say more? WOMEN LOVE WINE! Wine screams maturity and sophistication. Have a nice selection to choose from neatly organized in a wine rack. You do not need to have $200 bottles of wine to impress her. In addition, hide the beer and hard liquor away in the cabinet for the time being.

Interactive Video Game Console

There was a point in time where a woman would see a Playstation or Xbox then head for the hills. This is still the case if you have multiple consoles and games all over your couch. Interactive video consoles such as the Xbox Kinect have opened the door for couples playing together with enjoyment for both. Playing games like “Dance Central” or “Rock Band” will open her up and show her another side of you. However, don’t over do it fellas!

Anything Zen

This item is not a common one but i”ve found it to be quite helpful. Household zen items such as a zen garden, bamboo or a bonsai tree divulge a bit about your personality as well showing her you are not the typical Love Monkey. They also have a soothing effect which is always a positive when trying to get closer to someone. For those who are not aware, a zen garden is a little box of sand accompanied by a few rocks and a little rake. I am sure you have seen one in a fancy office or home at some point. If not, Google it!

A Vacuum

Make sure your man cave is clean! Minor details like spreading your bed, putting clothes away and having a hairless sink speaks volumes to a woman. A neat man is an attractive man.