Keep Your Relationship Alive


You have been dating your sweetheart for several years. In fact, you are very happy with your partner. The only issue that concerns you, though, is that your relationship has gotten stale. You are tired of your typical routine and you want to show your other half you care in inventive, amusing ways.

All hope is not lost when it comes to making romance thrilling. Like many people, you may not think of them, but there are great ways to make your relationship more fun while earning extra points with your partner. This revamp of your love life merely requires a combination of chivalry and spontaneity.

When you plan a thoughtful surprise for your significant other, your flame may be awed by your sweetness and blown away by your unpredictable nature. And of course, you too can enjoy the last-minute adventures you spring on your darling. Here’s just some advice on how to make your relationship more exhilarating:

Hide notes.

By placing sweet notes, poems and/or songs you have written about your better half in areas where your sweetie is destined to look but not expecting to find them, your romantic companion may find you irresistibly charming. In addition, you may find delight in planting this pleasant surprise.

Surprise your partner.

Of course every day is a bit too often, but every once in a while, it is nice to surprise your partner with a small gift, out of the blue. Just some gift ideas include: flowers, items your partner has mentioned, jewellery, a home-cooked meal and chocolates – Ferrero Rochers can often be purchased in packages of three.

Plan that getaway.

If your partner has brought up a place that s/he wants to go and you have the money, then present him/her with trip tickets. Even if you two embark on a road trip or journey to a nearby city, you will enjoy your efforts thoroughly. This venture is a stress-reliever and a last-minute activity all in one.

The above ideas are just some ways to make your relationship more electrifying while showing your partner your thoughtful, caring side. According to relationship expert Barbara De Angelis, “The more connections you and your [other half] make […] between your minds, your hearts, and your souls, the more you will strengthen the fabric of your relationship, and the more real moments you will experience together.” This is true; there are everyday things you and your sweetie can partake in together, but every now and then you need to do something truly out-of-the-box to break the routine.

In addition, when you occasionally spoil your significant other or surprise him or her with a love letter or card, s/he is likely to be astounded by your thoughtfulness, excited by the gesture and feel appreciated. After all, it always feels good to show your honey that you are not like everyone else – that you’d go above and beyond for your sweetheart. Of course, splurging on your mate everyday can have disastrous effects – like not knowing whether s/he loves you for you or your amazing presents –but every once in a while, it is fun to treat your partner. Moreover, you’d be able to join in on the entertainment!

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