Your Move-in Checklist


Many people believe that a couple’s moving in together is the true test of their compatibility. This theory, however, is false. It is possible to predetermine whether or not a couple will enjoy living together by observing their everyday habits.

Although it may be hard to believe, there are many signs that a duo will bicker regularly when paired up in a living arrangement. Generally, if one is annoyed by his or her partner before the move-in, these slight nuisances will only heighten if the pair lives in the same quarters. Sometimes chemistry is just not enough to allow a pair eternal bliss.

Some things a couple planning to move in together should take into consideration are:

  • Each person’s individual neediness: If one’s partner demands more attention than s/he does, then the more secure individual may be turned off or even annoyed by his or her sweetheart’s extra affection. Such combinations of people don’t mix. If such a twosome choose to live together, the person desiring more space may become frustrated with the person demanding more of his or her time.
  • Each person’s patience level: Anger issues are a serious thing, and if one cannot control his or her internal rage, then s/he is a person to avoid, especially as a roommate. Because arguments can escalate to physical violence, especially with someone whose temper flares more often than not, one should steer clear of living with a partner who is easily irritable. In fact, perhaps the relationship should end when one’s angry ways are discovered, unless the often-irate person agrees to attend anger management seminars.
  • Each person’s level of common courtesy: Will one’s partner volunteer to wash the dishes? Does s/he have to be coaxed into doing the laundry? Does s/he sit on the couch and never help out? These are things to consider, unless one can handle doing all the housework. If one’s other half is not very helpful around the home, then a couple may argue often because of it. In addition, a person’s level of respect for their sweetie must be thought about before the pair move in, because a person’s blasting loud music while his or her mate is asleep is bound to cause a ton of upheaval, as well.

While some couples could take the hands-on route of determining their agreeability, why spend the time and energy? All a person really needs to know is that if a partner gets on his or nerves before the move-in, one will only be more aggravated seeing his or her significant other on a daily basis. And it is best to keep these nuisances to a minimum so that a couple experiences little to no verbal or physical abuse over the course of their relationship. Besides, relationships where pairs are always fighting or complaining are no fun. Alan Herbert said, “The conception of two people living together for twenty-five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.” While it is correct that one’s living with a partner can be difficult, it can be easy – and enjoyable – if done with a suitable person.

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