To Rent or to Buy the First-Time Love Nest?


One of the first questions a couple ponders about before moving in together is whether to rent or buy. A couple’s renting allows them no commitment, low payments, with a few restrictions: no pets; no changing the layout, meaning no new wall colours or renovations; and no loud noise. On the other hand, complete freedom to decorate and/or live comes with the price of buying a spacious home.

If a couple is moving in together for the first time, their renting may be their best option. Because a couple is living together for the first time, they most likely are just getting their lives on track, meaning their careers have just begun, and they will be away from their immediate families for the first time. This means the responsibility of purchasing a new home may overwhelm them. That’s why the safer route is to rent – the payments will be lower than if a twosome were to buy, and a newly-moved out couple may not be able to afford the full price of a house. In addition, a couple’s paying less money for a new home will alleviate them – a pair who may be dealing with a lot of new duties like cooking, doing laundry and cleaning – of a lot of stress. Even though there are limitations to renting a home, the rules a couple renting must live by are not that tough with which to deal. In fact, one’s being conscientious of a landlord’s sleep and preferences are similar to his or her being conscientious to that of a partner’s.

Although some couples may be financially secure enough to purchase their first home, why do they need all that space? Unless they already have children or have some on the way, there is no need to have a full-size house or townhome, for that matter. An apartment is just suitable for two people. After all, why does a duo need a dining room, basement, attic, computer room and more than one washroom if they won’t be using them? In addition, a larger home simply means more cleaning and more furniture to purchase. A rented apartment or condo is much more low-maintenance. Besides, smaller dwellings can be cozy. A couple may feel that a home too big for them is cold and empty. Moreover, a rented apartment will most likely be much closer to the nightlife of your city than a suburban home would be, allowing the renting couple to have frequent date nights.

Lower payments, the right size, city life, comfort, less stress. What more could a duo ask for? A couple’s renting their first home is the way to go. Of course there are advantages to a pair’s purchasing a home – like unlimited interior design options, the ability to be loud and the choice to have pets – but in the long-run the maintenance of a house is overwhelming for just two people. A pair’s renting is a low-stress, affordable, comfortable option.

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