What To Do If My Girlfriend Wants To Party All The Time?


You may have asked your friends, “What to do if my girlfriend wants to party all the time?” A party girl can be the source of fun or fright-it really depends on who you are. If you’re a normal guy who enjoys partying in moderation, a hellion full of energy and sass may be too much. How you do deal with a partying girlfriend when you’re a homebody?

Assess the situation.

It may be that she isn’t a heavy duty, stay up all night long type who smokes crack in the alley. She may simply be a night owl whereas your preference is to be in bed before the evening news. Is your girlfriend into drugs or a scene that’s a little too deep for you? Or are you a stick in the mud who needs to get up off the couch? Assess the situation when you wonder what to do if your girlfriend wants to party all the time. Maybe you can meet halfway.


Talk to her.

Your girlfriend seemed like a nice chick when you met her, but now that you’re in a relationship, you see a different side. She drinks too much and maybe is into drugs. It’s time to have a long talk about her lifestyle, especially if you’re concerned that your girlfriend parties too much. Explain that you don’t like the long nights and abuse she’s doing to her body. If you care deeply about her, you can suggest that she stop. If you aren’t that involved, it may be time to say goodbye.


Suggest professional help.

Sometimes your girlfriend wants to party all the time because she has a drug or alcohol problem. It may be that she cannot stop drinking or taking drugs. If she’s drinking wine with her scrambled eggs, there is a problem. Did you happen to meet her drug dealer? This is a warning sign, too. You can stage an intervention and suggest she seek professional help. Interventions typically don’t go very well, but you will get the point across. You’re onto her game, and you won’t put up with it anymore.


Go along for the ride.

Another solution in dealing with your girlfriend wanting to party all the time is to join the fun. It may be that this lively chick is doing nothing illegal and she is having a ton of fun. If you want to experiment and stretch your boundaries, why not follow along? Staying up late, having a few drinks and partying down may infuse a dose of happiness into your life. There’s little risk when you let your hair down and play with your party girl. Who knows? You might find that you enjoy a night on the town every now and again. You never know until you try!

Find someone more compatible.

At the end of the day, the truth is that if you consider your girlfriend to be a party girl, you’re already on the wrong foot. When you wonder how to curb her intentions to party all the time, there’s a riff between you. This girl is coming from a different place, whether it’s bad or good. When you want to know what to do if your girlfriend parties all the time, say goodbye. Find a chick who’s compatible with your lifestyle, and leave your party girl to find a guy who’s into her scene.


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