Delectable Drink Date: Dining Indoors


Want the equivalent of a club date without all the expenses of parking, coat check, gas and a new outfit? Seeking that fun date idea that won’t have you facing any lineups in the chilly air outside? Want to see your friends and sweetheart without any noise, crowds or sweat involved? Your drinking at home with your pals and romantic companion is just the way do so. But how can you enjoy yourself as much on such a night equally or more so than during a night in the city? You will find the answer in such an event’s versatility – mix drinks to create flavours your taste buds will recognize, create your own mixed drink, play drinking games, play regular games like “Truth or Dare” while sipping on some liquor or – if you’re feeling low-energy – watch television or play board games while downing shots.

One benefit to a drink date at home is that you get to create drinks in flavours you enjoy. Similarly, you could customize a drink to reflect your personality. For instance, if you’re a wildcard, add many, different flavours to your drink – such as banana, chocolate, mango, kiwi and just a touch of vanilla icecream – then blend, and a bit of liquor. In addition, you could impress a love interest by mixing a drink with flavours that s/he enjoys. You could make smoothies and then add alcohol to them or simply mix juice – or milk – with vodka, Kahlua or rum. If you’re concerned about finances, you could always mix each drink with the same, one alcoholic beverage.

Your playing drinking games is a good way to get your guests excited. Not only will you have more fun than sitting on the couch, but you and your guests will also remain amused by doing outlandish things or simply using your energies toward a game’s goal. If you and your social circle enjoy chuckling and using your intellect, you may enjoy King’s Cup. You could also look up other, entertaining drinking games using a search engine

What’s even more fun is your creating your own drinking games. You and your pals could give the game exciting challenges or consequences depending on the rules you create. For instance, you could create a game in which one person and the person on his or her left would be required to take a shot of vodka every time the original person said a word beginning with the letter “P.” On the other hand, you could make it so that one person and the three people to his or her left could be prohibited from drinking when the first person uses the word “like” until one other person, not in the same group, uses this same word. Your completing more passive activities, like watching a hockey game or playing Monopoly with your other half and buds, while drinking is always enjoyable, too.

Your spending a night in does not necessarily have to be boring. You can make it fun – by inviting friends and/or a date to enjoy some alcoholic beverages with you. Sip on beverages you have just concocted, well-known drinks that you enjoy, play drinking games or simply recline while gulping down fluids. Whatever you choose, you will spend unforgettable moments with friends.