3 Little Things That’ll Dramatically Improve Your Bond with Your Partner


Improving your bond with your partner should not only be on an emotional level but also on a neurological level. Because you don’t always feel emotionally connected with your partner. Sometimes you need to take a conscious step towards bringing yourself closer to your lover. This is why you need to target your heart as well as your head. This way you can dramatically improve the level of closeness and connection in your relationship.

Emotional Flooding to Spark Intimacy

Our brain is wired to focus on the negative. So it’s natural for the couple to forget about the good times that they’ve shared together. Doing “positive memories flooding” experience activates dopamine and oxytocin that rekindle the intimate bond between partners.

Improving the bond with your partner

Take turns to share your three positive memories of the relationship. Make it a weekly habit. The more you train your brain to recall the positives, the easier it will become each time.

Ultimately, what we’re teaching the brain to do here is to rewire neuropathways into making closeness and intimacy your everyday experiences.

This exercise has been so powerful for my clients that in some cases it helped people save their marriage and dissolved their desire to ask for a divorce.

Seducing Your Partner’s Brain 

Another way you can strengthen your relationship regardless of your busy business schedule is to physically relive your positive memories. Visit those memorable places you’ve been to before.

It can be the place where you first met, had a romantic and sexy dinner, had great sex, where you spent your first anniversary or had a passionate kiss while on your everyday walk.

When There is Too Much Distance Between You

What some couples find challenging is to access the positive memories especially when the relationship hasn’t been that great. Some anger or frustration and emotional abuse have built up, which might make it difficult to do an Emotional Flooding experiences right away.

This is why it would be best to start with seducing your brain first into thinking positively.

Imagine going to the restaurant where you’d had an amazing date before. You can’t help but be reminded of that passionate date night experience. The next thing you’ll realize your partner and you’ll talk about that memory while also being present there physically.

Romantic Getaway to Reignite Intimacy

Working with a lot of successful business professionals and being one myself, I know the destructive power stress can have on your sex life and emotional intimacy.

This is why it becomes beneficial to spend some time away from work or other things that’s been keeping your attention away from each other. This shouldn’t be the main way you rekindle your intimacy in your relationship, but it’s a great start.

Finding your way back to each other

Ideally, you want to be able to flood yourself with positive memories to find each other again, but you have to start somewhere. Having a romantic getaway will be your gradual start towards making your relationship stress proof.

Some time alone together will help you both remember the way you felt about each other then. Once you’ll have this starting point you can take it to the next level by first seducing your partner’s brain and then doing an emotional flooding exercise.

I know sometimes it feels like you’ve drifted too far away from your partner. The guilt and shame around it prevent you from connecting with the person you love the most.