6 Things Girls Care About More Than Looks


Contrary to popular belief among males, there are things that women place more value on than what a guy looks like. Men tend to be the superficial half of the species. The physical attributes of a woman weigh quite heavily in most men’s minds. Many guys live by the term quantity over quality, while women, at least the smart ones, tend to deal with the quality of a potential suitor. Women tend to look for more substantial attributes when it comes to looking for a mate. There are at least six things that girls care about more than looks in a man.

How he treats her.

If you were to ask a mature woman to choose between the handsome jerk or the average looking nice guy, she’s going to choose the nice guy. Unlike guys, who’ll put up with certain character flaws if the girl is hot, women tend to make more educated choices. In the long run, the nice guy’s going to treat her well. The jerk won’t even be around for the long run. Women view relationships much more like investments than do men.

Can he earn.

Once again, the allure of this attribute to women is because she’s trying to see what kind of long term mate he’ll make. It’s not that she’s a gold digger (though they do exist), it’s just that she’s trying to make sure that financially, in the future, they have a good chance of being stable. Plus no woman wants to take care of a grown man.

Mutual interests.

You should be noticing a pattern here. Women view relationships as investments. The person they end up with has to have certain thing aligned with her in order to increase the chance that the relationship will succeed. This, of course, includes mutual interests. You can’t have a working relationship with someone you don’t share things in common with.

A protector.

In todays world, women can kick as much ass as any man can, yes. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a guy that can stand up for her when the time comes. She wants to know that you have that Alpha Male instinct in you, even if you never have to use it.

Educational level.

Young man proposing a woman at the park

Many women view the educational level of a potential partner as being very important. No one wants a fool, but it goes deeper than that. It’s not necessarily about how many degrees you have. It’s more your aptitude to learn and know certain things. It’s about your ability for upward mobility within society, degree or not. Why is this? Simple, look back at the other examples so far. Women want a suitable mate that’ll be able to compliment them. They want someone they can build with. Like the mother bird that builds a nest, she’s not going to choose weak branches. The superficiality of looks doesn’t guarantee the quality of the mate. But, these other aspects do define what sort of person you are and can potentially be for her.

How you carry yourself/Fitness.

The ability to bench press 300 pounds is not the point here. But, your ability to maneuver through the different trials the world has to offer is. She want’s a strong, confident man, sound in mind and body for two reasons. First, obviously, no woman wants a guy that can’t do for himself. Secondly, biologically speaking, she wants a fit mate to possibly have children with. Having a child is taxing on a woman so she wants to make the right decision. There’s a better chance that the children will turn out better if the man she chooses compliments her, if he can protect the family and so on and so forth. This is why these six attributes are far more important than mere looks.