The Poor Man’s Guide to Attraction


I stumbled across an old article on Psychology Today that explains how money is one of the sexiest things a man can possess: Money.

The article states that money provides men with power, rewards, and freedom.  The author reasons that money provides power because it signals that a man will be a good provider, leads to improved confidence, and also gives him a healthy dose of prestige.  He also believes that money brings freedom, which leads to better sex lives because people rich people afford to “travel to exotic places and because they [have] more free time”.  Finally, he believes that money can buy “sexy toys” and “rewards” for her; like exotic sports cars, fancy dinners and beautiful jewelry.

However, at Loveawake, we believe that while money can’t hurt, you simply don’t need to be rich to have the same sex appeal that rich men have.

While rich men may naturally think and act more confidently, you can do the same if you focus on being genuine, being refreshing, and determining your own value as a person. Women want confidence, excitement, and a man who carries himself like he is valued. That is what is sexy.

Guys often think if they have a lot of money, they’ll have a higher value, and be able to get more girls because of their value. The truth is that value should not be based on external factors. If you base your worth on the opinions of strangers, you’ll be dependent on others to find any happiness in life. To be a person of truly high value, you have to believe you have high value – If you carry yourself as if you are high value, you’ll come off as having high value to those around you. You’ll have social power just as someone with far more monetary value would.

Always remember that fun is the most important currency in social interactions. Rich guys can buy fun; they can give rides in expensive cars, take girls to fancy restaurants or on shopping excursions. However, just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t be associated with fun.

Be refreshing.

Be animated.

Be fun.

Smiling is contagious. If a girl associates you with fun, she’ll want to spend time with you to experience those feelings more often. If she associates you with the same old pick-up lines, sleazy maneuvers, and dull encounters she normally has, you’ll get nowhere with her. Girls want refreshing. If you carry yourself differently, you’ll stand out from the crowd the same way someone with money would when not having to worry about the price tag. You don’t need to spend money to be fun, you simply need to be fun:  giving the girl the freedom to be relaxed and enjoy herself.

If you can’t buy these things, how can you be as rewarding as the rich guy can be? Women consider reward to be anything fulfilling. Shallow women may find fulfillment in things – the jewelry, clothes, and trips – but women of high value, the ones you want to be looking for, find fulfillment in relationships. Reward a woman by being genuine. A woman can read right through some fake story or fancy outfit meant to make the man appear of higher value. If you act like who you really are, you’ll be so much sexier than a fake facade ever could be, and worth more to her than a fancy ring.

Money can buy many things (including a sense of safety), but genuine confidence will supply you with more in the long run.

So remember, even if you can’t afford a pot to piss in:

Be fresh and genuine.

Be fun.

Be confident.

It’ll make you sexy.  We guarantee it!