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Today I want to speak with you about the eyes more specifically I want to talk to you about eye contact attraction. To be successful with women knowing and understanding about eye contact attraction is paramount. When you take the time to understand eye contact you will be at a level with women that most guys can only dream of.

I have been coaching single guys to have more success with women for many now whether I’m speaking at a seminar or I’m in a one-on-one session eye contact is always subject that’s discussed. So let’s take an in-depth look at what eye contact attraction really is.

For the past decade I have been studying body language and the eyes. Most people will talk to you about body language especially in this industry. I am sure that you’ve heard before when somebody has their arms crossed it means that they are closed off now this may be true but it also may be true that the person is just cold.

To me there too many variables when it comes to body language in saying this I do highly advise that you do some research into body language as it will give you a good understanding of what’s going on when you are speaking with a woman. For me when I’m picking up a woman though body language is something I pay attention to (both hers and mine) I’m more interested in her eyes.

You may have heard the old saying that the eyes are windows to the soul I believe this, I want to keep this article on the eye contact and eye contact attraction so I’m not going to go into the six positions of the eyes. I will say this though, when you understand the eyes you can tell just by looking at someone whether they’re lying, what they’re thinking, how they process information and whether or not they’re attracted to you. Within the next week or so I will publish an article on this subject but let’s keep it to eye contact and eye contact attraction.

Eye contact is very important if you see a beautiful woman who is across the room and you make eye contact with her she will be able to tell how confident you are from the amount of time you keep the eye contact. Some people even believe that if you make eye contact with the woman and when she breaks it by looking down she is submissive to you, personally I’d want to see a little bit more evidence on that.

My research has shown that when it comes to eye contact attraction there are five different scenarios that can take place if you learn these five different scenarios and you’re able to identify them it will make the approach so much easier for you so here they are:

Eye Contact Attraction Scenario 1.

The breakaway gaze. This is when a woman makes eye contact with you, then breaks the eye contact, and then makes the eye contact again she’ll normally do this four or five times. If you see a woman giving you the breakaway gaze this means she would like you to approach her but she is also very shy.

Eye Contact Attraction Scenario 2.

The doe eyes. When a woman makes the doe eyes or what some people might call the soft eyes this means she is trying to get you to notice her. With the soft eyes her face would normally seem very relaxed and there will normally be a smile on her face as well.

Eye Contact Attraction Scenario 3.

The no break gaze. This is when you lock eye contact and neither of you break away, if you find this happens to you the woman is into you walk straight over and start a conversation with a because that’s what you waiting for.

Eye Contact Attraction Scenario 4.

Prolonged eye contact you will find prolonged eye contact normally happens when two people are speaking, the prolonged eye contact can be a signal that the person is interested in what you’re saying and they’re intrigued to hear more. If you are speaking to a woman you should always be making eye contact not only does it show you’re interested it also shows that your confidence

Eye Contact Attraction Scenario 5.

A quick glance if a woman is on the other side of the room and she gives you a couple of quick glances it shows that she’s interested but she’s also a little insecure you might not like her when it comes to eye contact the quick glance is normally the hardest one to pick to the untrained eye.

As I said at the beginning of this article I always placed more emphasis on what her eyes are telling me over what her body language tells me. When it comes to body language or eye contact do as much research as you possibly can because when you get to an understanding of body language and eye contact you can pretty much read some like a book.

Understanding body language and eye contact would not only make you more successful with women it will give you knowledge that you can apply to your everyday life. Imagine the next time you’re making a major purchase do you think it would be an advantage to be able to read the salesman even before he walks over.

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