Do Pickup Lines Ever Work on You?


“Do your feet hurt? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” If a guy said that to you, you’d hop into bed with him ASAP, right?

Probably not. There is a post at about 12 of the most horrible pickup lines. As we cringed read, we started to wonder whether pickup lines (even really creative ones) ever actually work.
So we asked a couple of friends of to get their take on pickup lines.


“Guys who take themselves too seriously when trying to lay a pickup line are too much,” said Heather, 23. “My last boyfriend had dropped some cheesy line on me when we first met, just to break the ice. He knew I wouldn’t fall for it, but it was funny and a good lead into a conversation about some of the ridiculous things we do to get up the nerve to talk to the opposite sex.”


“Pickup lines do not work! I’m embarrassed that some guys still think it’s OK to use them as a form of talking to a girl,” said Annie, 25. “If a guy used a creepy pickup line on me, odds are I’d roll my eyes, laugh and walk off. I would be much more interested in a guy who was straightforward and struck up a conversation with me or bought me a drink.”

Bottom Line

Turns out, sometimes the worst pickup lines have the best results, if they’re dished out with a good sense of humor. But any guy who seriously thinks we’ll fall for his wooing cliché needs to get a clue. To really land a date, they’ve got to be delivered in just the right way.

While pickup lines usually get a laugh — if not with the guy, then at him — we still say that the world’s best pickup line is five letters long: “Hello.”

So tell us: Has a guy ever used a line on you that worked? One that tanked? What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?

Photo by Dani Vivanco on Unsplash

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