The Power of Questions


If you can ask good questions, you can have anything you want in life.

Bold claim isn’t it? But what if I told you that every monumental success started with a powerful question.

  • How can we get men to the moon?
  • How can I win Olympic gold?
  • How can I date a playboy model?

Stop for a second and ask yourself the following: What am I awesome at?

Did you notice that? Without even trying, you were able to come up with something. No matter what it was, the point is that just by asking, your mind presented you with an answer. All on autopilot.

And herein lies the power of asking the right questions…

Ask, and your mind will deliver.

How to ask great questions

Think of something you want in life. Maybe it is to be able to approach and attract women? Ok, good. Now we are going to formalise that goal into a question that will propel you towards it…

First attempt: “How can I stop being so shy, and talk to women?”

Well, it’s a start. There’s much that needs improving though. First of all, we want to focus our question on what we want to achieve. Imagine if JFK had said, “We’re going to send men to the moon, and not have the rocket explode on the way.” The focus is all wrong. Concentrate on the outcome (getting to the moon), and the details (a rocket that doesn’t spontaneously explode) take care of themselves. Let’s try this with our question.

Second attempt: “How can I approach and attract women?”

Ok great, now we’re getting there. Our question is positive and sounding good. There’s more though. We can supercharge things and have some fun with it. First of all, remember your mind will answer whatever question you give it. So while we’re asking how to approach women, why don’t we ask for the easiest way to do it?

Third version: “What’s the easiest way for me to approach and attract women?”

Ok, that is looking good. One final thing we can do is clarify exactly what we want. In our case, it’s not just any woman, it’s the girl of your dreams (whatever that might be). So, taking this on board, let’s see what we come up with…

Final version: “What’s the easiest way for me to approach and attract gorgeous, big-boobed, intelligent, emo, cheerleader, star-wars-loving, women.”

Boom, that’s exactly what I want.

Hopefully you’ve seen the power of questions in our little example, and how you can apply them to really make a difference in your life, and when dealing with the opposite sex especially.