How to Enjoy Platonic Dates


It is natural to feel attracted to your friend and be okay with it. A man and a woman may enjoy each other’s company, go on dates, shopping, have dinner, share their dreams, finances and discuss life goals together but may never get in a sexual relationship.

Although some people prefer to hire escorts to go on normal dates for several reasons, most enjoy platonic friendships because of the benefits that it brings along. Platonic love boosts self-confidence and mental health because it shares a deep bond that reduces anxiety and stress. It is a relationship that can be intense and deep, thus becoming one of the best relationships. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy your platonic dates.

  1. Be honest with each other

He or she is your friend, ‘right’? Why are you hiding under the table without letting them know who you are? After all, the truth will come out sooner or later. If you have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or if you’re married, let your friend know about it.

Respect your significant other too. Let your spouse know that you have a platonic friend to avoid misunderstandings. Avoid talking about your friend all the time, and never let them feel jealous, threatened, or taken for granted. Understand that most of our significant others don’t like the idea of us having that friend.

  1. Draw your boundaries

You have planned a date and met. It’s okay because you are friends. How do you maintain boundaries? Always discuss anything to do with your scheduled dates. By that, I mean where you should meet, when, activities to engage in, etc. Despite being friends, it is okay to find yourself in an awkward position, and at times, it may arouse romantic temptations. But once you have put everything on the table and agreed, you will always enjoy your time together.

Discuss your friendship at length. Avoid touching and behaving like a couple in love. Have a mutual agreement and agree on how to behave with each other whether you are around people or not.

  1. Always engage in healthy conversations

Nothing beats the power of a healthy conversation. Words can be demeaning if not chosen carefully and can lead to intense wounds. When you are in that relationship, it is right to talk about anything and everything, but it’s not okay to vomit words without thinking about what the other person will feel.

Women mainly take words very seriously. Even if she is your platonic friend, don’t crack sick jokes around her. It can get emotional and create tension. The same case for the ladies, avoid things that make him feel uncomfortable.

  1. Avoid talking about sex

Easier said than done, I know, but that’s the naked truth. Don’t prioritize sex topics in your day-to-day conversation or when out for dates. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share how your sex experiences with your partner were, how you enjoy doing this or that, and so forth.  When you start such a conversation, you might meet yourselves in compromised situations.

  1. Respect each other’s opinion

Every person loves to be heard without being judged. My opinion might differ from yours but having a listening ear is very important. Even when you don’t agree with each other, always analyze things in a more loving and understanding view. After all, why are you friends? To listen, to care, and to support one another.

  1. Show up even when you don’t feel like 

Your friend calls in the middle of nowhere, and you don’t feel like meeting up. It happens but don’t forget that he or she called because it is crucial. Dress up and show up to offer moral support. At times all that person wants is to talk to someone who cares, and the fact that they chose you means you are special.

  1. Don’t hope for anything

I said this because, at times, men enter into a platonic relationship hoping that it might turn out to be something else like a romantic relationship. There is nothing wrong with that but always keep it real. When you feel overwhelmed about your feelings, talk about them so that you can clear things up.

  1. If you can’t zip up, meet in groups

It is as simple as that. If you feel that meeting up will arouse sexual feelings, always meet around people. You can make mutual friends and decide to be hanging around together. You can also choose to engage in group-focused activities. When you organize your dates or plan to have fun together, you can always meet in public places.

  1. Alcohol should never be in your dictionary

Alcohol blurs your memory and makes you see things that are not there. It can lead to terrible situations, especially when you are out on a private date. Never include it in your menu whenever you are going out. You can choose to have non-alcoholic drinks if you must drink.

You can enjoy your platonic dates together and have fun without necessarily engaging in weird activities. All that is needed is to understand more about your relationship and keep it trustworthy.

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