You Get More Of What You Focus On


Before we get started, first a little definition of focus. Focus means “to direct ones attention on something”. You need focus to improve an aspect of your life. However you need to focus on the right things.

You get more of what you focus on – this is such an important subject to embed in your everyday life.

If you have not heard of the concept of getting more of what you focus on then you are in for a real treat. This could be one of the most important concepts you learn this year.

In my eyes, this truly is one of the greatest concepts I have ever learned in my life. Although it may seem simple when you first read it, it’s harder to master than you might think.

Take a moment…

Have you ever noticed when you have something on your mind you seem to see that particular thing everywhere?

For example you have decided that you want an iPhone, but you currently you can’t afford it. You really want the phone and so it’s on the forefront of your mind.

Things are not helped by the fact that you are suddenly seeing iPhones everywhere. You notice loads of adverts on the Internet, you see the apple shop every time you go into town and everyone you talk to seems to have an iPhone.

Another example is from a Simpson episode (I was watching this episode whilst writing this article) :-). Bart joins the scouts by mistake and is about to give it up when he finds out you get a knife.

Because he has to read a book he decides it’s not for him. However because he has getting a penknife on his brain he sees knives where ever he goes. What he is focused on he gets more of.

The thing is, these things were already there, it’s just the fact that when you focus on something you bring more of it into your life.

A little task for you to complete

I want you to do something really important for me. I want you to think of the all the things you focus your thoughts on in a normal day. Think about every little detail from work life, to social life, to your health, etc.

When you do this, you will realise the sort of things that you focus on during your day.

If for example you wake up in the morning and think/focus about all the negative things that you are going to be that day, then guess what, you are probably going to have a pretty shit day. On the other hand, if you wake up and think of all the good things that you might do that day then you are much more likely to have a good day.

Or you wake up and you start thinking about a load of things that you want to do that day. You start thinking about a load of tasks some of which would be very beneficial for you to do that day whereas others are not quite as important. By not focusing your time on many things then you are going to have a broken day. If instead you focus on one or two important things, you will have a much more productive day.

I know now I still focus on things I shouldn’t

Although this concept is relatively new to me, I have known about it long enough that I should really know better. However, like I said earlier, it’s seems easy when you read about it, but it’s slightly harder to put into practice.

I still wake up some mornings and think about the fact I have got to some menial jobs I don’t want to do, or I have to go to a job I don’t really like. This obviously puts me in a bad mood and makes my day much more of a struggle.

Now I know we have all got things to do each and everyday that we really don’t want to do. However instead of focusing on these things and putting yourself in a bad mood, instead think “Yeah I gotta get these things done and I will, but I will focus most of my time and effort on the things that are going to make my life more important”.

Once you start focusing on the things that are going to make your life better and using your time more effectively to improve your life, then you will improve at a much faster rate.

Focus on a goal

It’s time to focus on what you want more of. Firstly though I want you to take notice of this very famous saying: “He who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”

Think about that for second. Like I said earlier, I know we are a busy species by nature. We have so many things going on that it’s nearly impossible to focus on one thing. If this was possible then life would be so much easier cos’ we would have very little things to worry about in our lives :-).

However the best thing to take from this famous expression, is to make sure that you focus most of your time on the most important things to you at that particular time. With all the other things you need to do, just make sure they get done but don’t use up time worrying about these things.

If you want to be amazing at something, then you really do need to focus on it. For example if you want to be amazing with women then you are going to need to focus your time on becoming better with women. You can’t expect to become better and better with women if you are only focusing a small amount of time on improving your interactions with women.

Final thoughts

Some guys out there make it seem simple to make complicated changes in their lives. If it was that simple, then we wouldn’t need help from others.

However because things are not that simple you must realise that you need to make the effort and focus on your time on what you truly want to achieve. Once you start to focus more on the things you want to achieve in your life, you will start to attract these things to your life.