Blaming Others

Blaming other is something you probably come across quite a lot in life. You are always going to meet people who blames others for their misfortunes.

But have you ever thought about whether you do the same thing?

I am not here to make you feel bad, however it’s something that needs to be said because if you are blaming other for your own downfalls, then it’s time you realised just how negative an effect this kind of behaviour can have on your life.

I know, I used to…

When I was younger I use to blame others for my downfalls. I remember blaming my parents for not getting me into golf at a younger age.
I kept thinking, “If they had started me at a younger age then I would be so much better than I am now”.

Some of you may think, ‘Well, that’s true’, and to a certain extent it is. However it’s not the reason why I didn’t achieve the standard of play that I wanted to achieve. How were they to know I liked golf. How were they to know that I wanted to be a great golfer?

Plus, if I had really wanted to achieve the things I wanted to, then I should have worked harder and harder at them once I discovered golf. Instead of blaming others for my lack of results and thinking they were the reason I never achieved my true potential, I should have used the time I wasted blaming others to work on my golf game.

Not anymore…

Hopefully you can see that blaming others is a terrible way to think. Thankfully I don’t  think like this anymore. Yeah, there are times when it might cross your mind and you feel like blaming some else, nobody is perfect. The thing is, you need to notice these times and crush the thoughts straight away.

You need to realise that blaming others for your downfalls is a total waste of time and completely useless. It might make you feel slightly better at that point in time, but in the long run it’s just going to eat you up from the inside. It’s one of those behaviours that we call ‘self-sabotaging’ because basically it fucks you up whilst satisfying some kind of deep-down emotional need to protect your ego.

If you always blame others, then you never need to take responsibility in life for anything. And how much easier life is when you have no responsibilities? It’s the life of a child we all look back on, when we had no cares in the world, and everything was looked after for us. But we aren’t children anymore. You grew up, and so did I. Whether we like it or not, we gotta face reality.

You need to take control of your life and realise that you are responsible for making things happen. If you want to become amazing with women, stop thinking things like, “My Dad should have taught me how to attract women when I was younger”.

Instead you need to use that time more effectively and start learning to meet and attract women. Then you need to go out and actually talk to women in the real world. Once you start using your time more effectively, you will improve quicker and get the results you have always wanted anyway.

If you do this then you are taking responsibility for your actions and not wasting time blaming others for your downfalls.

You might feel uncomfortable when you read it because you might realise that you are not taking responsibility for your life. This is a hard pill to swallow. I know when I first realised that I needed to take more responsibility for my life, it made me feel uncomfortable. It shatters your whole model of reality.
However whenever you need to make changes you will always feel uncomfortable. Just get through this and the pay-off will be massive.