Dealing With Bitchy Women


Have you ever been in a situation where you approached a girl and she has seemed real bitchy for no reason whatsoever?

Most guys who have been in this situation take it real personally. They leave the interaction and come back and say what a total bitch she was.

Don’t take it personal

Allowing an interaction like this to affect the way you feel is a bad response to have. Yes I know it can be horrible to experience something like this. I know because it has happened to me a number of times.

You have gotten the courage up to approach a girl only for her to shoot you down for no reason.

But why?

Firstly let’s get one thing straight, if you do something stupid or say something really bad about her then it might have been your fault. However if you think that it generally wasn’t your fault then it might have been her who has the problem.

If you really don’t think you did something wrong, it most likely is not personal towards you. She probably does the exact same thing to other guys.

Take this on board

You must realise one key fact. The reason she was bitchy to you might be because of her and not you.

Understand that girls, whether they are good looking or not, have their own issues. Some girls have real trouble allowing guys to approach them, just like guys have trouble approaching girls.

These issues might be things like:

* They don’t feel worthy of having a guy approach them
* They get nervous or shy
* They are defensive cos’ of negative experiences in the past   
* They have had a really bad day

There might be other reasons, but hopefully you get the point.

What can you do?

Take it on the chin. Being able to understand that others have their own issues just like you have your own issues is key. Being tolerant of others and understanding that they may have their own problems is important to being socially savvy.

If you can understand and accept why other others are the way they are, then you will have a better understanding of interactions between yourself and others. You will also find that you don’t get as angry or hateful towards them if you better understand where they are coming from.

One last thing

It’s key to remember one thing. You can’t blame others for your own downfalls. If you keep getting negative responses off others then you are probably doing something wrong, not them.

So make sure that you understand when you have fucked up or when the girl is just being wary because of one of many issues she may have.

Also remember not to hold it against the girl. If she has her own issues then feel sympathy not anger towards her. We all have our own problems so don’t be too judgemental.