How to Write a Love Letter


The magic of a real, physical letter cannot be duplicated by any of the new forms of communication. A letter is, in the end, something tangible, something we can touch, keep and hold and that can be preserved in a way that emails, phone calls or text messages will never be.

A love letter is an actual testament of love – and it’s a record of your relationship that will stay with your woman for the rest of her life.

It’s not cheesy and it’s by no means outdated – writing a love letter is a beautiful and very romantic thing to do, and receiving one can really mean a lot for your girl.

A girl cannot hear too many times that you love her and she’s beautiful – she’ll never get sick of it. You must keep telling her over and over, no matter for how long you have been together. It matters – and a letter is one of the best ways to do it.

This guide is meant for those of you who have a girlfriend already. I don’t suggest writing love letters to girls you haven’t been with it – at least not without a careful analysis of her case. But then, if you are single, use the ideas an inspiration for your seduction!

How to Write a Love Letter

It doesn’t matter if you are not a good writer. What matters with a letter is that you are true and honest about your feelings – that from the bottom of your heart you believe what you are writing.

There’s no structure, or exact how-to to write them. But if you are lacking ideas, you should definitely work on these areas:

1- Keep Telling Her How Great She Is And How Much You Love Her

Again, it’s never enough. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her – keep telling her, she WON’T get tired of it.

What are the nicest things about her? Is it her eyes? If so, write her that you love her eyes, and so on. Tell her that you love her for her personality, and be precise about what exactly is what drives your love for her.

2- Recall Great Moments You Had Together

Write about your best times with her – trips, dinners, walks, conversations and just plain random moments. Tell her how great they were, and how much you enjoyed those moments with her.

Recall the feelings and magic from the moment – you holding hands, your breath, your kisses, and the smiles, vibe and love that you have in your memory.

3- Tell Her How Being With Her Makes Your Life Better

It’s a very strong thing to say – but, at least I, if I’m with a girl it’s because she makes me a better person. Not all girls are equal – a couple inspire, others are plain loving and others are very supportive. Find out which type(s) is your girl and tell her how great she makes you feel.

This is where you put the smart compliments – those from deep inside and those that matter most. If you are very inspired that your girlfriend got a new job, got into a school, or whatever thing she did – TELL HER. Tell her how watching her makes you fight for more. Same if she supports you, etc.

4- Speak About Future Adventures and Good Moments to Come

Future Adventure Projections, as I wrote, are very powerful – and they work well not only while you try to seduce girls, but also if you have one already. They keep the spark lit, and they make girls think and meditate about the good times to come with you.

Tell your girl you are looking forward for more hugs and kisses, for great times to come and, also, point out one or two things you want (and will) do with her. This is probably the most important part of all!

5- Reaffirm Your Love to Her

It’s never enough! Close the letter telling her how happy you are to be with her, how great she is and that there’s no other girl in the world that can come close to her. Tell her you love her no matter what, and that you will keep loving her today, tomorrow and for much more time.

Last Details

Post the Letter. Be old fashioned – put the stamp, seal the card and send it via the good old postal mail. It’s old fashioned, but it will surprise her much more. She’ll be browsing for the bills and stuff and voila, there’s your letter. She’ll love it.

Be Spontaneous. Be random – just write her one day out of the blue without any special purpose or special reason. The least she expects the letter, the more surprised she will be, and the stronger the effects will be. Don’t wait to her birthday, why not write her tomorrow?

And I mean it – why not, if you have a girlfriend, write her a love letter NOW? I totally recommend you to! And I’m looking forward for all of you to share your experiences in the comments below.