10 Best Songs About Lying


Whether we like it or not lying is part of the human condition and it is why we’ve decided to come up with the 10 best songs about lying. We don’t want to think that lying is a big part of our everyday lives but the sheer volume of songs that are about a lack of honesty should show that our culture has a problem with the truth. It is also no surprise that a great deal of the songs about lying have to do with lying about someone in a relationship.

  1. Lying Eyes” by The Eagles. Not surprisingly, this particular song is about a woman who is no longer in love with her husband and is having an affair. The line “you can’t hide your lying eyes” says it all when talking about whether or not she was caught in her lies.
  2. The Policy of Truth” by Depeche Mode. Sort of an interesting song in that the message seems to be that lying isn’t always a bad thing. Basically Depeche Mode was saying that it is silly to claim you are always going to tell the truth because you simply won’t. So don’t pretend that you don’t lie from time to time.
  3. Your Cheatin‘ Heart” by Hank Williams Sr. This has actually been sung by several different artists including Elvis Presley but we like Hank Williams Jr.’s version the best. Another song about lying in a relationship and the consequences.
  4. Creep” by TLC. One of the rare songs where women sing about the fact that they cheat on their boyfriends or husband because they simply want to. Sort of a new concept in the whole lying song genre.
  5. She’s Crafty” by The Beastie Boys. Up beat song about a woman who will lie, cheat and steal to get what she wants. The Beastie Boys seem to actually hold this woman up as something to be admired thanks to her craftiness.
  6. Liar” by Three Dog Night. The title really says it all. You cannot get much more blunt with a title or a song than calling someone a liar right off the bat.
  7. Politics” by Korn. The only song on this list that isn’t really about personal relationships but rather with the fact that professional politicians are also professional liars. At least according to Korn.
  8. Betterman” by Pearl Jam. A song about a woman who is telling her man how wonderful he is, despite the fact that she doesn’t really feel that way. The line “can’t find a betterman” is especially painful when looked at from this point of view.
  9. Would I Lie To You” by Eurythmics. Essentially seizing on the old salt that if someone says that, they must be lying. Incredibly upbeat considering the subject matter. It’s why it’s one of our favorites.
  10. Lies” by Rolling Stones. Another song about a woman lying to her man about cheating. This is one of our favorites if only because the lyrics actually contain “lies you dirty jezebel, why, why, why won’t you go to hell?” That sums up how we feel when lied to by our love.
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  1. Who said they are giving up orgasms….Your average short phone call is lets say 10 to 15 min. to be more than fair. Thats alot of time to give up comparing apple’s to apple’s. When the last time one of you women (especially in Boston would think takes time to warm up alone). got an orgasm in 10 to 15 minutes without the help of aides. And we cant call them short sessions either.

    The article was surely written by a male with a hurt ego to his man hood. I wonder how much time he spends per call compared to time spent during actual sex time with a partner. If I had to guess I’d say not much time with either.

  2. Being from Boston this article is quite shocking. If I could substitute all the time i spend in one day using my phone with having sex, I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m wondering who they surveyed for this study….. us Boston girls have not been adequately represented.

  3. To Grace:
    There’s always one of you “this must have been written by a [insult here] man” posters on articles that refer to women in the headline. I’m sure you just missed the part where the article states that 19 percent of men do the same thing.

    Here’s an breakdown of the the the day of these subjects (both men and women):

    Let’s assume that the average person works eight hours a day. We’ll throw in an hour to prep in the morning, an hour lunch break and an hour to wind down after the day is done and call it 11 hours. The article clearly states that the respondents reported spending three hours a day on their phones, in one way or another. We’ll also assume that they’re not using their cells at work so it can’t be bunched in with that. We’ll play conservative when we talk about dinner and say they spend 45 minutes total on whatever cooking/ordering and eating they do for that meal.

    8 hours devoted to sleep
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    That comes out to 22.75 hours of your day gone. I’m going to guess the other 1.25 hours is going to be spent on the couch watching The Biggest Loser reruns and doing 10 minutes of cardio so they don’t feel absolutely terrible about themselves. Hard to work sex into that day.

    This all applies to work days only, obviously.

    Three hours of cell phone usage kills any chance for real productivity during the day. Crazy.

  4. this article is ridiculous. if i were completely single i would give up sex or my phone for a year for sure (yes, im a guy)(yes, i am straight)(no, im not ugly). anyway, i really dont see why that is such a big deal. yes, sex is amazing and fun and all but its not a necessaty. and no, neither is a phone but being in the military, stationed states away from my girl, family and friends, a phone is definitely more important than sex. i do believe sex is very important in a serious relationship (if thats where both people are in their lives of course) but in regards to casual sex, like i believe this article and most of the people replying to it are talking about, its really not that big of a deal. aight, im done now. word son