The Minds Of Women Laid Bare


There are several sites where women can confess your deep, dark, secret thoughts anonymously. Anytime we are wondering what women are thinking these days, we just drop in and read a few confessions. Some are shocking, some funny, some sad, some infuriating, but all are entertaining.

Here are a few we liked. Perhaps you can relate.

In a perfect world, chocolate cake would also have zero calories, cigarettes would be completely harmless, all men would have really big ones (that vibrate) and you could get all the good TV channels you want.

He calls me ‘dude’. Don’t really know what to take from that.

For the very first time in my life I am throwing caution to the wind. All the little voices in my head can take a vacation because I want to enjoy this man even if it leads to nowhere.

I would go celibate for life before I’d date a man with kids. No thank you.

I’m not going to chase you. I’m an attractive smart woman and have loved you for almost half my life. You know where I am when you’re ready.

I made it without you!!!!

You know what sucks? Having a cute guy make you an adorable cake for your birthday with a letter inside telling you all he wants is to be with you….aaaand you aren’t attracted to him at all.

My relationship is balls to the walls awful.

I don’t think we are dating. But he spent the whole day with me and we had an awesome time checking out the city. I think I have made a really good friend, and sometimes that is better than a date.

I gave a 45 minute blow job tonight. Damn. My mouth hurts.

Ok, I’m tired of this. I tried to be the supportive friend but no more. You break up, get back together, then whine to me about all the problems you have. Problems which are ALWAYS THE SAME. So you know what? Next you break up, don’t bother to say anything. You’ll just be back together in a few days anyway.

And a few favorites from the “Wife” category:

Does everybody have a husband who thinks he’s absolutely hilarious or is just me?

Dear husband, all I ever wanted you to do was show me how much you love me, not just say it. You never show me. That’s ok though. Someone else has been showing me the love and tenderness a woman needs for about two years now. Go back to your fucking XBOX!

I’ve been exercising for couple weeks now. Jokingly I asked hubby if i was skinny yet and he says ‘it doesn’t matter to me, you’re beautiful”

It is so weird, one day I hate you and the next I love you. I can’t make up my mind.

I recently started selling my prescription pills, they are pain killers and I know it’s against the law, but when can get $500 for about 40 pills how can I pass that up so my family can eat. I will put my pain aside for awhile so they willnot go without. I’m a single mom of 5 who was recently laid off and now im between jobs,this is going to have to do for now.

Don’t touch me. I don’t want sex. I may never want it again. I’m sorry.

Sometimes I wonder what I could have done different to make my marriage work, then I remember I did everything I could.

I seriously am considering hiring someone to get all the shit done around here my DH starts & never finishes. Including giving me orgasms.

My husband and I are swingers. Our families have no idea. We are still very active in church and in our kids schools and little league. But deep down I love being a whore for my husband. In the first year when we started, I was with over 50 men and never felt more alive. I wonder if more wives feel this way too.

Did my DH really just take a TV tray into the bathroom? Really?

To the hot teenage boy next door…I’m old enough to be your mom but I would blow you in a hot minute if you asked. Then I would make you rake my yard for free.

He keeps saying he’ll want kids “next year.” It’s been 3 years of this. I’m scared that by the time he’s actually ready, it will be too late.

How about you? Got anything you want to get off your mind? Speak.