Tips To Help Keep A Long Distance Relationship Lasting

The Key To Long Distance Relationships

The key to a successful long distance relationship is COMMUNICATION. Without communication, the relationship will far apart. Make known your expectations and if something is bothering you. But also don’t forget to dole out praise.

Long distance relationships are hard. Not being able to hold them in your arms every night, kiss them whenever you please, hang out every Saturday night….it hurts inside. But sometimes, it’s worth it. I’ve been in my three long distance relationships. Here are a few tips I followed that helped us feel closer

Buy a webcam and video chat

Invest in a webcam, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Being able to see you’re lovers face is one of the best experiences in the world. I loved talking to my boyfriend over video chat, it definitely puts less strain on the distance. My ex boyfriend and I had “dinner” with each other; we both would eat our foods in front of each other, as if we were having a date. It can also be a lot of fun, doing silly dances for each other and such. Try downloading chat modules, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, etc.

Send some surprises to your partner

Getting something in the mail is exciting, especially when it’s from your lover. It can be extravagant like something you have shipped to their house, or as simple as a loving, romantic card. I love sending cards to my boyfriends, with lengthy romantic letters inside. Some more ideas of what to send: their favorite flower, a stuffed animal (tiny or medium sized), their favorite candy, a phone card (for extra minutes to talk to each other), etc.

Gift Ideas To Send

Ideas for great gifts to send in the mail
  • A mix CD you made yourself
  • A message in a bottle
  • A small photo album with your favorite pictures of the two of you
  • A movie that reminds you of your relationship with each other
  • Your partner’s favorite candy
  • A stuffed animal of their favorite animal
  • A cheap and outdated computer game
  • A poster of their favorite band, artwork, movie, etc.

Use the phone

Talk to your partner a few times a day. I personally liked talking to my ex boyfriend in between classes or any time I had a few minutes to spare, just to tell him that I loved him. If you have limited minutes, try calling when you’re minutes are free, like after 9 PM. Try to find out if your plan allows you to add people that will always remain free. Verizon has a plan where you can add ten people that will always be free to call. Try buying a phone card with minutes if you can. Also, try texting little love notes throughout the day, like: I can’t get you out of my head. It will put a smile on their face and will be greatly appreciated 🙂

Use social networking to your advantage!

Don’t just use it for your friends, use it for your partner too. Exchange pictures with each other, leave love notes on each other’s profile, update statuses about each other, etc. I loved logging on to Facebook and seeing that my ex boyfriend’s status was all about how he misses me, or seeing he wrote something sweet on my profile.

Play Games Together And Get Competitive

Playing online multiplayer games together is a great way to have fun and spend time. You’ll end up laughing as the competition between the two of you gets fierce. Don’t laugh this idea off as silly, it truly works! It’s a way to have fun with your partner and be somewhat close to them, considering you are both playing the same game, at the same time, and you can even see what moves they make. Competition is always healthy in relationships, especially if you can laugh it off when you lose.

Pass A Journal Back And Forth

Want to be able to leave romantic notes to your partner despite the distance? Then try this idea! Buy a blank journal, write some romantic things in it (such as why you love your partner, what you love about them, how you imagine your future with them, etc.). You can even draw pictures or glue or tape stuff to the pages (BE CREATIVE)! When you are done, send it through the mail to your partner. Let them see what you’ve written (they will probably have a huge smile on their face), and then allow them to write in it themselves. Keep mailing the journal back and forth. You will have something to look forward to and something that is a romantic and fun way to show you care.