How To Get More Responses With Your Dating Profile


When it comes to dating profiles, it’s easy to get caught up in yourself and not really realize that there’s someone out there, searching through myriad men, looking for you.

So rather than end up with a profile that just sits there and does nothing for you, why not make sure that you get more responses with your dating profile? And hopefully from women whom you find interesting as well.

More responses with your dating profile tip #1

Don’t limit yourself

If you fill out what you’re about and you get way too specific, the chances of someone doing an advanced search and finding you become slim to none.

Unless it’s something you absolutely cannot compromise on (being a vegan, for example), opt to leave some things that aren’t important to you blank so that when a woman does a specific search, the chances of you appearing will go up.

More responses with your dating profile tip #2

Think up a catchy username

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a guy’s username with weird letter and number combos and underscores to boot. Why? Why would you do that?

The best advice I can give for a catchy username is to take an adjective and a noun and throw them together to create an original username. For example, if you’re clumsy and love to play the violin, then you’d be “ClumsyViolin”.

More responses with your dating profile tip #3

Tweak your tagline

Keep it fresh and new at all times. Don’t write “Boom goes the dynamite” when you know that that lyric was used years ago. Instead, make reference to the current season, a recent headline making celeb or even use a quote from your favorite writer.

Update your profile often and make sure that your tagline is always representing you and the times.

More responses with your dating profile tip #4

Use a better photo

Before you even put a photo up, get it girl approved. Ask some female friends what they think of it and take it from there.

Avoid fuzzy, blurry pictures and pictures that don’t show you off. If you put up a photo of you with sunglasses on, it give the impression that you’ve either got something to hide or that you’re insecure.

If you want to get more play when you’re online dating, here are some online dating photo tips that are crucial to your game.

Keep your clothes on

Perhaps you’re proud of your six-pack abs and want the world to see how hard you’ve worked to get them, but the truth is that no one respects any online dater who’s half-naked in their photo.

Even women, while it’s attractive to see a woman in her bikini, she will more often than not attract the wrong attention and give off the wrong vibe.

So keep your clothes on and focus on your face.

Don’t hide your face

How often does it happen that you surf through profiles only to discover that 50% of them are wearing sunglasses or are hiding behind a freaking fedora?

What are you hiding under there? Are you so insecure with your looks that you need to hide behind accessories so we don’t see the real you? Even if that’s not the case, that’s the vibe you give off when you submit a photo of you wearing sunglasses or a hat.

No friends

While it’s great that you’re popular, and perhaps you just think you look great in a particular picture with all your friends, your online dating photo and profile are all about you.

Not to mention that people surfing your profile might think you’re a big time partier or player and will want nothing to do with you. Opt for a photo that displays only you and put your best face forward.

Alongside not posting photos of your friends, what’s worse than doing that is cutting people out of the picture but leaving their arms in the pictures. It just looks so wrong.

Opt for a photo that doesn’t distract the viewer and you’ll be more likely to be the focus of many replies.

No webcam shots

There’s nothing more irritating than webcam shots of people being used as their online dating photo. Not only is it never clear, it usually is taken at a terrible angle and isn’t flattering.

You’re better off using a real camera to take your photos and using those. Webcam shots never do a person justice.


Stay out of the bathroom

Another major pet peeve for most people surfing online dating

photos is seeing a photo of a person in their bathroom. Don’t you know that we can see your rash ointment in the background?

Opt for a more appropriate room of the house if you’d like to take a photo of yourself; I’m sure you have a mirror somewhere else in the house, too.

More responses with your dating profile tip #5

Avoid negatives, the ex

To start, don’t mention the ex. Even if she tore your heart to pieces and you’re still recovering, women will steer clear of you if you have ex issues.

Also, avoid using any negative words (hate, can’t, won’t, don’t), overtly sexual lyrics, and don’t get too self-deprecating (you can say you’re clumsy, but don’t call yourself stupid).

More responses with your dating profile tip #6

Have only 3 requirements for now

At this stage in the game, you want to get as many responses as possible. You can filter them out as you see fit, but your objective here is to get the ladies interested.

The best way to do that is by not having a million requirements that will make almost all of them feel left out.

For now, your requirements should list:

  • The age of woman you’re going for
  • Someone without significant baggage (7 kids, 2 ex-husbands)
  • Someone within a specified geographical area (unless you’re willing to travel)

Other than that, all women should be fair game.

More responses with your dating profile tip #7

Watch for grammar and typos

Most people I know could really use a lesson on grammar and typographical errors. And even though the internet is a more lax environment when it comes to written communication, you still want to appear as though you’re coherent.

Treat your dating profile like a resume. Make sure you spell everything correctly and use punctuation. I can’t tell you how many times I dismissed a man because he just couldn’t spell to save his life.

More responses to your dating profile

It’s high time you got your dating profile to work for you rather than the other way around.

Build a better dating profile and they will come.

Improve Your Online Dating Profile Regularly

Thanks to modernization we got a great possibility to use different tools that have greatly changed our life. Computers are the things that made it possible to date online. As a result a lot of singles who are sick and tired of regular dating decide to join dating sites reach success. However, to get the best result it is necessary to be aware of the basic things. To avoid unpleasant situations make sure you are doing everything right from the very beginning. First of all, spend some times and efforts on the research of the best online dating site. Read attentively all of the site guidelines since all of the members are provided with useful tips and necessary information. You also can have an access to the word [processing program that will enable you to save your work and paste your profile. At the same time you will have an access to the spell checker.

In case there is a possibility it is necessary to tweak and edit your profile a lot of times. At the same time you can ask your friend who knows you really well to read and edit your profile information. Even in case you do not like the tip they give you, it is still important to listen to the thought of the other person and make your own conclusions. In some situation there is a necessity to alter your description in case you get some matches that can be potential dates.

Your username is also very important part of the profile because it says a lot about you. That is why it is very important to find the name that is really meaningful and create positive impression about your personality. At the same time use something anonymous, so you will feel comfortable in any case. Try not to use personal information because you can get in trouble.

Make sure that your profile is not too long because not all of the members have enough patience and desire to read the profile till the end. It is better to write only some basic information about your personality. It is also recommended to mention some facts that might be interesting for the reader. In that case it is better to write small description that will be accurate reflection of your personality. At the same time download photo that is quite decent and at the same time clearly shows you. Try to be original but also do not forget to be yourself. There is no need to compare your profile to the profiles of the other person. Try to be sincere and show that you are interested in meeting person that is reliable. Some time later you can add some things to your profile.