Get His Attention: From Insecure to Vivacious


You want your man’s attention, but you don’t know what else you can do to catch his eye… or to keep his eyes on you.

You may wonder… am I pretty enough? Smart enough? Thin enough? Accomplished enough?

Whoa… you’re barking up the wrong tree. First of all, what is enough in any of those categories, and how would your man even begin to measure it?

No, there’s something else you can do to drive him wild. In today’s blog, you’ll learn one of the top aphrodisiacs in the world… and how to get some for yourself. Read on…

Enough is Enough, and You ARE Enough

Too many women beat themselves up thinking they don’t measure up to some perfect ideal… an ‘ideal’ that was created by the media. You know, those folks famous for trying to convince you how disgusting you are and how only their product can make you fabulous.

Are you really going to trust that bunch of jokers and anything they say?

I should hope not. So I want you to have an epiphany. I want you to realize that you have what it takes already to get his attention.

It just needs some honing. And that would be your level of self-confidence.

If perfume makers could find a way to distill self-confidence into a bottle, they’d be all over it. They’d have a billion-dollar industry on their hands. Who doesn’t want to walk with confidence and project a positive belief in their own worth?

And yet, many women do NOT project that believe in their own worth. The reason why? It circles back to women thinking they don’t measure up to some elusive thing called “ideal” or “the best.”

Here’s one of the things I’ve noticed with women who have low self-confidence. They walk hunched over, looking downward, not making eye contact. When they talk about themselves, they do it in a way that, if they were to talk that way to a friend or stranger, would be horrifyingly rude. They don’t feel good about themselves and don’t believe in their worth… and they seem to be on a mission to convince everyone else of that!

So imagine trying to get your man’s attention like that. He just isn’t going to be drawn to you if you’re insecure. You’ve sent him a message that you don’t feel you’re worthy, and subconsciously, he may be buying into that message you’re sending.

He may also feel guilty.

When you don’t feel good about yourself, deep down, he may think he’s doing something wrong. He may feel he’s not doing the right things to make you happy and positive. And so, he may steer clear because it simply feels bad for him to be around you, because your negative vibe is a constant reminder of this.

That’s the last thing you want. So if you want to snare your partner’s attention, you need to move the needle from insecure to vivacious—it’ll drive him absolutely wild. He will see and feel your positive good feelings about yourself, and it will draw him in. First, because it feels good to be around positive people. And second… let’s face it, he’d like to take some credit for helping you feel good!

The Self-Confidence Overhaul Plan

So here’s what you do:

Assess Your Internal Messaging System

What, exactly, do you say to yourself when you have that inner voice going? Is it supportive, or is it constantly telling you that you never measure up?

Figure out what you’re saying, and then replace that messaging with a new one: “I am a woman of worth, and strength. My qualities include…” Negative internal messaging is simply a bad habit, and you control the tape. You will have to repeat positive internal messaging until it begins to automatically take hold.

Assess Your Outgoing Message

Have a friend help you with this. Ask your friend to assess how you present yourself. Do you walk tall, or do you look at the ground? Do you make eye contact, or do you look at the floor?

Simply by changing how you present yourself physically can have a huge impact on how others perceive you. Practice walking into a room. If you want, until it becomes a habit, imagine yourself as some rock star or movie star you admire—one who oozes self-confidence. Mimic their style. (If they have an accent, I don’t recommend mimicking that – you want to come across as authentic.)