What Is Your Relationship Culture


All couples have some form of “relationship culture.”

Do you know what yours is?

This will take some effort on your part to step back and try to view your relationship as a third party may see it.

In this blog, I’ll tell you how to accomplish this and then give you 2 tips for creating the relationship culture of your dreams.  Read on…

What Type of Couple Are You?

Have you ever been at a family function or out socially and watched a couple with an excruciating dynamic between them?  One that made everyone else around them squirm in discomfort?

You may be that couple and not even realize it.

It’s easier to recognize in other people than it is within your own relationship.  So you really have to make an effort to step back and observe your relationship… as if you’re watching yourself and your partner at the social outing.

How do you talk to each other?  Is it with respect?  Or do you snipe at each other constantly?

What about your opinion of each other?  Do you assign good motives to each other, or do you grouse to others about your partner’s foibles and think of your partner in negative terms?

Every couple has their style, but the culture of your relationship is very important.  You either have a pro-relationship culture, in which you funnel good thoughts and actions into the relationship, or you don’t.

Couples who are positive toward each other are pro-actively offering support to each other.  This helps build love between you and your partner, and boosts confidence in the relationship.

Creating a Pro-Relationship Culture

If you think your and your partner’s interpersonal skills could use a little tweaking, then apply the following 2 tips to move your relationship into the “pro” zone:

Pro-relationship Tip #1: Change Your Thinking

The first thing you want to apply yourself to doing is change how you think about your partner. If you normally focus on his or her most negative traits, it will affect your feelings and behavior toward them.

Thinking positively about your partner and focusing on their good traits will make you “pro partner” which in turn, is pro-relationship.

Pro-relationship Tip #2: Change Your Behavior

When you focus on your partner’s good traits, your behavior will follow.

Think about this: if you are focusing on your partner’s negative traits, then you probably don’t smile when you look at them, nor do you use kind, soft words.

But switch to focusing on your partner’s positive traits, and you can’t help but smile when you see them. Focusing on why you respect, cherish and love them will change the words you choose to use with them, as well.

Now, your behavior is also pro-relationship because it is giving the best you have to offer.

Do you and your partner behave “pro-relationship,” or do you suspect you’re one of those couples that make other people squirm to watch you in action?

When you think about your partner, are you thinking about their positive or their negative traits?

Do you agree that how you think about your partner affects your behavior?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.