Sizzling Secrets to Make Love to Your Husband?


How many times have you initiated sex in your last ten intercourse session with your husband? If the answer is nil, then it could be an issue. Whereas, there might be a few times when you just start getting cosy with your husband and start kissing. And, eventually, you are not able to know who initiated it, as it’s more of natural activity. Therefore, sometimes it just happens while going to sleep at the same time, and the point of initiation doesn’t matter.

However, there is a growing perception among women that those men need more sex than women do. Therefore, women always expect the man to take the initiative to make love. And, women end up suppressing their feeling when they feel like making love with the husband. Subsequently, you are unaware of how to approach first while seeking some physical intimacy with your husband.

Therefore, here are a few sizzling secrets for women to make love to their husband.

Show that you are keen:

Initiating for sexual intercourse with your husband requires enthusiasm. Here are a few gestures which you should avoid while luring your husband and initiating sex:

  • Saying your husband that we can have it only if you feel like. Subsequently, conveying this message while relaxing in bed with your arms crosses shows that you are not keen on making love.
  • Conveying him that we can make love only if you come to the room within the next 10 minutes.
  • Mentioning to him that you have shaved your legs today while lying on your bed and looking at your phone.
  • You can use sex toys in front of him to turn you on.

Avoid overthinking:

According to a recent survey, more than 75% of women do not initiate sex because they overthink before doing it. And, eventually, they talk themselves out of it by raising a few impertinent questions in their mind. Therefore, it becomes imperative to turn off your overthinking mind and initiate it as a feeling of intuition. And, eventually, your intuition will serve your purpose and give you the most fulfilling sex ever.

Therefore, all you need to do when you get this thought is pounce on your husband and start kissing him. Further, kiss him passionately everywhere and move your hands all over his body to stimulate his sex hormones. Don’t hesitate and go for it with an extreme passion for making love with your man. This will lead to a wonderful and fulfilling night with your husband.

Embarrassment is a farce:

From childhood, girls are taught that sex is something to abstain, and decent girls should keep away from it. Subsequently, girls always take a back seat and expect men to always take the first step. Eventually, this mindset makes a woman upset and frustrated and adversely affects their marriage life.

Now it’s high time to address this perspective and provide a remedy to it by accepting the truth. And, the truth is that a woman has some physical desires too. Further, it’s not an act of embarrassment when a woman seeks making love. A woman can do a few little things to open up and not feel embarrassed the next time. Even now days women are using different types of sex toys to fulfill their needs.

For instance, you can say your husband how good it was last night making love with him or how special you felt while making love and many more such things. Therefore, the secret here is to express. The more you express, the more you will be comfortable in initiating sex with your husband.

Use your hands:

There is always a possibility that a woman might not be able to figure out what she should say. And, it’s ok as you don’t always have to use some seductive phrases or lines to entice your husband. You can use your hands in various ways to comfort him and let him know how badly you crave him. Surprise him by suddenly grabbing his arms from behind.

Let your hands wander all over his body. Make his entire body feel the touch of your hands by moving them swiftly. Further, you can even rest your hand at a sensitive place while watching a movie. Moreover, you can also hold his shirt and lure him to the bed. You can do it all with your hands if you feel shy in conveying your feelings with words.

Try enticing him with your clothes:

Try shopping for some silk clothes and replace them with your flannel pyjamas. Further, you can even wear thongs and sexy bathrobes to seduce him. Try showcasing all parts of your body and expose them one by one to heat up the atmosphere. You can even make him feel special by performing an exclusive ramp walk with those clothes to turn him on.

All the points, as mentioned above, are some sizzling secrets that you can consider while making love to your husband. Eventually, this will help you in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship and develop a strong bond with your husband.

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