Always Have a Backup Date Plan


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Every date we go on, we have a plan. Not only do we have a plan, we also have a Plan-B. And to be safe, it’s a good idea to have Plans C, D, E and F too.

We recommend knowing 6 solid date plans you can use at any given time. In addition to those 6 dates, it’s good idea if any date can also be quickly, discreetly replaced by another one on the fly. When there’s a change of plans or unforeseen circumstances, there’s no need to tell her, “Hey guess what? I wanted to go to Italian today but before the date I found out they were closed! What should we do now?”

It’s unnecessary and interrupts the flow of the date.

Wouldn’t you much rather be the man who always seems to have everything under control? Even if she knows the plan is changing, it’s your job to handle it. Of course, we appreciate it when the woman plans exciting dates for us, but you should always be prepared to take the lead.  Dates are all about fun – anything that detracts from that detracts from the date, both for you and her.

Last month, I went on a first date with an attractive young woman. We met up and went to play darts before going to get ice cream. As it turned out, all the dart boards were taken so we went to get ice cream first. After that, we headed back to play darts, but it was still filled up.

Thankfully, I had a back up plan.

Instead of losing the flow of the date, or complaining about the wait, we simply crossed the street to a nearby bowling alley. We bowled a round and then wrapped up the date. All in all, it was a successful, fun, smooth date despite my original plan not working out at all. Why?

Because I had bowling as my plan B the whole time, I knew that even if the dart boards were still being used after ice cream, my date plan would still be intact. This removed a lot of stress.

But what if the bowling alley was also too busy to get in a round? Well, there are also dart boards at the bowling alley – I noticed no one was playing darts there. So, even if my darts Plan A failed, and my ‘get ice cream then go to darts’ Plan B failed, there was still bowling Plan C plus ‘darts at a different location’ Plan D. I was covered from multiple angles.

Our lives are simplified greatly by always assuming it’s our responsibility as a guy to have a solid date plan ready. Even in the case that she invites us out, it’s a smart move to assume she’s not going to have a Plan A, so be prepared for your own Plan B and C.

You: “So, you invited me out this time. What are we doing?”

Her: “Omg! I totally didn’t think of anything fun, interesting or exciting for us to do except sit down and chat at this restaurant!!! What an unimaginative, passive way to spend an afternoon / evening trying to impress and have fun with an attractive member of the opposite sex!”

You: “It’s all good. Let’s do (Plan B) first, then head to that restaurant. I (got Plan B stuff with me) / (know how to get to Plan B).”

Her: “Phew! Ok…”

And then you go on to Plan B and it’s all good. Of course, having back up date plans includes knowing back up places to eat in case of random closings, long waits or other unseen interruptions.

Having a backup plan or three makes dating more easy, simple and fun. Plus, it increases your stock with high value women who are interested in you. Honestly, she doesn’t really care whether you “wing it” or whether you plan everything down to the tee (and no, you don’t have to tell her which one it is). If she’s has a good Attitude and she’s into you, all she cares about is enjoying her time with you. And the really good ones will do everything they can to make sure that you are having just as much fun as they are.

THAT is what dating is all about: Two people, doing everything they can to make each other happy, excited and carefree. (If dating isn’t like this for you yet, stick around – we have more good stuff coming your way here at Loveawake.)

Be prepared. Be Amazing.