What Is Abundance Reality?


Have you ever heard of ‘Abundance Reality’? No, not abundance mentality. Actual reality. Read more about how to move from Abundance Mentality to Abundance Reality.

I finished up a date early Wednesday evening, and realized that I was still free tomorrow evening. So, I pulled out my list of prospects and started calling the new numbers I had gotten from attractive women through the past couple of weeks, looking to schedule some dates. As I went down the list, I left messages on answering machines or I hung up after letting it ring for a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes, a woman would answer, and I would invite her out for coffee. Some turned me down, and eventually I had absolutely no more free time to schedule dates that week. Get this … about a quarter of of my ‘prospect list’ still remained. Because I had started with the most impressive women, the remaining list was the leftover women who, while still quite hot, had attitudes and personalities that were less impressive that the girls I had scheduled for dates. When you have an Abundance Reality, the quality of women skyrockets.

I literally could not fit any more dates into that week’s schedule without losing sleep, skipping work, calling off dates with other girls, breaking appointments, double-booking dates or doing something else that would disrupt my plans and/or the balance of my week. I WANTED to call the last chunk of numbers (and hopefully schedule even more dates), but I HAD to wait until the following week because my time was limited.

Abundance, to us here at Loveawake, means having more than we want – we have too much. It isn’t a mindset. It is a fact. Our quality and quantity of women is so maxed out that our dating issues are solved with room to spare. We can say “no” to hot women because we honestly don’t need her or even really care about getting her. Not because it’s a tactic to help us get her, but because we literally have too many other hot, cool women in our lives to worry about her. Having the ability to both say “No” and walk away from beautiful women you simply don’t have any chemistry with, as well as take “No” confidently for an answer from any woman, will help make you a much more attractive and Amazing Man who women honestly want and like.

The most awesome part about this is that I don’t need to rely on any tricky phone tactics to get women on dates. Why? Because I have so many prospective dates, I have the freedom to only date women who are both very attractive to me AND are mutually interested in me. You don’t need to use tactics to get a girl when she wants to get you as much or more than you want to get her.

Part of this stems from the fact I’m meeting 30 women a day, every day and have met tons of women who were interested in me right from the very beginning. I don’t have to chase after every single girl that gives me a bit of attention. I have too many great girls and new prospects already. Guys will be amazed to know that there are, quite literally, millions of sexy, high quality women out there in the world waiting to meet you. You just have to know how to find them without getting all caught up in trying to push yourself on every single girl regardless of her interest in you. There are always newer, more beautiful, better attitude women right around the corner (about 30 of them, every day). This isn’t some random thing I say to myself in the morning. This is my reality.

I hesitate to call this attitude ‘abundance mentality,’ as that term gets thrown about in discussions about women and dating to the point where its meaning gets watered down. What I’m talking about is meeting women so efficiently and effectively so that you too can do it every day, easily, and in massive numbers. One of the best ways we know of doing so is simply to get up, get out of the house, and to start greeting women.

Even if our ‘prospect list’ is overflowing with numbers from women accepting dates, we still need to meet more women. This is how you make the fastest and easiest progress towards extremely high quality women or even finding the woman of your dreams who makes you want to stop meeting more women. When our schedules are full and we’re STILL getting more incoming dates, our standards rise as a result. Then we simply HAVE to let some of them go/walk away from some of them.

No wishful thinking here and no need to talk and talk and talk about how importance ‘abundance mentality’ is. We prefer living in an actual Abundance Reality.