Screening Hot Girls


When you’re getting out and about to meet more women, we highly recommend only approaching the hot ones. By hot, we mean only women who you personally find attractive – whatever floats your boat. This means do NOT approach ones who don’t do it for you.


If you only approach hot girls, then you’ll only get hot girls’ numbers. If you only have hot girls’ numbers, you can only go on dates with hot girls. If you only go on dates with hot girls, then beauty becomes the bare minimum requirement for the women in your life and you can begin to screen for other qualities such as her core behavior and attitude.

“Qualifying” Vs. Screening

This is the big difference between what lots of dating advice out there calls “qualifying” and what we call screening.

Qualifying is “fishing” for things about the girl that you can compliment her on in order to make her “feel” like you like her for more than just her looks. It’s dishonest. And even when guys are trying to be honest with it, it’s unnecessary and hurts their own standing with the girl.

Here’s an example of what we would consider “qualifying:”

Guy: Do you play an instrument?

Really Hot Girl: Well, I used to play trombone about 15 years ago in middle school.

Guy: Whoooooa, sweet! You’re a muscian! I love girls who are into music!

Here’s an example of what we consider screening:

Really Hot Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?

You: You’re actually the very first girl I’ve ever talked to! I’m really shy.

Really Hot Girl: Haha! Yeah, right!

You: How about you? Do you have a boyfriend?

Really Hot Girl: Oh well, I just broke up with my ex a couple months ago. He makes me so mad, you know?! Whenever I still see him around sometimes since I know what parties he’ll be at, and I make sure to let him have a piece of my mind!

You: Cool. (Internally thinking: Run! Disqualified! Time to go meet some other women.)


ust because she’s hot doesn’t mean you should lower your standards. Keep your hotness screen on!

Qualifying is trying to force women to have some quality about them that you like about them, even when they don’t.

Screening is getting rid of the ones who actually don’t have anything you like about them. Or getting rid of women who have qualities you don’t want in a mate.

Qualifying is manipulative, feels nerve-wracking and doesn’t work on women who aren’t into you.

Screening allows you to maintain your dignity, accepts reality as it is and allows you to find women who are into you about 750% faster than Chasing.

Qualifying is a trick to try to convince hot girls that guys have a legit reason for being into them besides their looks.

Screening is when good looks for your dates are the bare minimum requirement and you’re starting to look deeper at their core personalities and attitudes.

Qualifying presupposes that you will like the girl no matter what as long as she is hot, all you have to do is rationalize what you like about her. (Read: no standards)

Screening presupposes that you are willing to drop a girl, even if she’s hot, if she doesn’t live up to your standards.