How To Get Your Girlfriend To Dress Sexier


When you know how to get your girlfriend to dress sexier, SHE will be the one taking the initiative to wear whatever clothes you want…

What man doesn’t dream of having his woman wear (or take off) the sexy clothes of his choice?

Just imagine… a sexy girlfriend who ALSO dresses up sexy for you and tries to please you visually in every way she can.

Everything They Say About Getting Your Girl To Dress Up Sexy Is Wrong

Mainstream advice on this topic is convoluted, at best:

  • “Be sure to ask her nicely!”
  • “Buy her something you want her to wear!”
  • “Just man up, bro, and tell that woman what she oughta wear!”

Based off of our massive testing, we’ve discovered how to consistently get hot women to dress sexy for us (read: They dress exactly how we like it). And none of the above list, or any of the other mainstream dating advice we’ve read works consistently without any negative side effects with high quality women. Not to mention, so much stuff out there can land you in some hot water with a really great girl who might have otherwise been happy to dress up for you.

Parts of the strategy I’m about to reveal may be uncomfortable for some guys, and may not work for everyone, especially guys who fancy themselves alpha males, pickup artists or playas.

So here it is:

Step 1 – Meet More Women. We don’t know any guys (ourselves included) whose dating lives wouldn’t be improved by getting up, getting out and meeting even more women than they already are.

Step 2 – Find women who have the following qualities: First of all, she needs to be attractive to you AND you need to be attractive to her… Right from the start (hint: start wearing a suit). That’s the ticket to races – nothing starts until she likes you.

In addition, her core personality needs to be flexible, open-minded and generous. Straight up, this unique combination of her being hot, her being totally into you and her possessing these characteristics is rare. That’s why you have to meet A LOT more women than you currently are.

Step 3 – Date her well. Always let her wonder how much you like her. And don’t do anything stupid to mess things up… For example, texting her every dayholding her hand all the time, saying “I wuv uuuu” everyday, or otherwise communicating that she doesn’t need to work to get you to like her more.

Step 4 – If all these points are met, it’s highly probable she’ll start to do dress the way you’d like all by HERSELF, without you even you even needing to prompt her. Clever girls know how to gauge your reaction to how she’s presenting herself on her dates with you. They’ve been training for it their whole lives.

Some girls might even simply start asking what you want her to wear, in which case you can tell her something like, “I want to see you in a gorgeous one piece that will make guys jaws drop.” When you do things like we teach here at Loveawake, hot girls will be finding all kinds of ways to get you to like them more. Almost always, that includes trying to dress sexier for you.

If she truly is open-minded, flexible and generous, she’ll be more than happy to fulfill any missions you give her: “Buy some sexy lingerie and wear it for our next date.”

Any woman can ‘get’ attention… But it takes an amazing woman to be appreciated. Likewise, any guy who gets out and meets enough women can ‘get’ an orgasm. But it takes an amazing man with self-control, vision and long-term planning to get high value women of exceptional beauty and accomplishment who works together with you to build a mutually beneficial and incredible lifestyle full of appreciation, respect and a totally killer wardrobe of sexy clothes she wears solely to impress YOU.

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