How Often Should You Text a Girl You Are Dating?


Often the question of how often to text a girl you are dating comes up with our clients.

With all the misleading studies and misinformed dating advice for men to text message a girl floating around out there, it’s not surprising if guys feel a bit confused.

There’s even a whole line of dating advice products out there designed to teach guys about text messaging – products that make money off the fact that texting is popular without having the guts to tell guys that the could have more and easier success with higher quality women by NOT texting. But then again, if they did that, then they couldn’t make money off products providing a techniques to solve problems that don’t even need to exist.

How often should you text a girl?

Good: Very little.
Better: As little as possible.
Best: NONE!

You see, lots of misleading studies and misguided dating advice uses the fact that texting is quite common. So, if it’s common, why shouldn’t you do it too? Because all those studies and all the texting dating advice out there ignores whether texting is actually useful for building happy, exciting relationships (even short-term flings) with really high quality, beautiful women who have a lot going for them outside their looks too.

The bottom-line is: Texting always hurts more than it helps when it comes to designing a stress-free, exciting dating life with high value women.

“The temptation is too strong! Since texting is convenient and everybody does it, shouldn’t you learn how to text a girl you just met?”

What ‘temptation’ could there possibly be for salting your own game?

Just because every guy around me is messing up his chances for finding, meeting, getting and keeping a hot High Value-Lady of Exceptional Beauty and Accomplishment in no way influences or tempts me to follow in his fool footsteps.

For ‘planning’ it’s still easier to just call her on the phone and set up the meeting time.

Other than calling her to set up the time and place to meet face-to-face, there is absolutely no reason to have any contact with her at all (text or phone) so what exactly would be the purpose of Facebook Chat, Whatsapp, and text? Stuff like that just destroys guys’ mystery and everything that makes them attractive to a girl who wants a quality man.
What’s worse is girls will actually encourage you to text them. They don’t even know that they enabling and prompting the guy to lower her own interest for him.

“Yeah, I thought I liked Billy but after awhile I just kinda got all burnt out on him. Don’t know how it happened … Oh, well. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Guys think that women know what will make them happy.
They don’t.
We do.

When you’re not face to face with her, she should think the FBI has whisked you off into the Witness Protection Program. You’re gone, poof, disappeared – no contact at all; only to magically re-appear once again in her life on the day of the date. That keeps her waiting and wondering about you. And that makes her like you more.

Now, the topic of how to handle yourself charmingly when she wants you to text her is a whole ‘nother issue we’ll save for another day. If you have any questions leave your comments below and I’ll respond personally.