Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You


Numerous books, YouTube videos, articles online provide countless dating tips. Some online gurus claim you should just register on a dating site, while others encourage to go offline and to approach real girls in coffee shops, bars, malls, or restaurants.

Let’s assume you are confident and easy-going enough to approach someone in the street, but the question is how to make a girl like you? How to stand out among other suitors? How to make sure she sees the real you and understands your true intentions? How to attract someone who represents another culture?

People say females prefer confident guys. Some men mix confidence with arrogance which smart adult women see as a huge turn-off.

As a matchmaker with 12 years of experience, I can confess that women – especially traditional Ukrainian ladies – are attracted to honesty and straightforwardness. This doesn’t mean though that right on the first date you describe in detail all your sexual preferences and fantasies, food allergies, and the amount of money you own to the bank. This means you set the dynamics in your acquaintance that can blossom into a healthy romantic relationship: you text first, invite the lady out, foot the bill on a date, bring flowers, and do not play games. If you like something – you tell it out loud, if you don’t – you also tell. Eastern-European ladies really value it when a man means what he says, keeps his word, and from the very beginning is sincere about his true intentions.

In western society, many women love the idea of being equal. They do not mind being the one to ask a guy out and to split the bill or buy tickets to the movie on the first or second date. In Ukraine women are proud to be women in “Ukrainian sense” – she won’t mind spending half her salary on a new dress, shoes, hair, and make-up to wow a guy on a date, but she will take it as a personal insult if he asks her to pay 10 dollars for her cappuccino.

How to make a Slavic girl fall for you? First of all, you have to realize you can’t play by Western rules. What worked in Canada, Germany or the USA won’t work with your Slavic love interest. Do your homework – learn the peculiarities of Eastern-European culture and better do it not from the western coaches and gurus. Even if he is happily married to a Ukrainian woman it doesn’t mean that his tips will work on another female. A lot depends on the age group, background, level of education of his wife – it can be very different from the lady you are courting.

It is important to make your love interest feel special and wanted. Good smart compliments can help you a lot, while cliché compliments are a huge turn-off and will cost you points.

If you date someone who speaks another language it is always a good idea to compliment the English skills. It takes time, effort, and commitment to master a foreign language, especially to be fluent in it. When you compliment something a person is really proud of – you hit the nail on the head. Still keep in mind that this is a “safe compliment” which is appliable to your friend or colleague. It can be good at the early stage of your acquaintance, but it can irrevocably friend-zone you.

Slavic ladies take pride in their looks and dress to impress, so complimenting all the efforts she makes to look good for you is always a good idea.

We often receive this question from the subscribers at our blog on YouTube: “I love a Ukrainian girl but I don’t want to be the first one to open up about my feelings. What should I do?”.  You should man up and be the first one to tell your girlfriend about your feelings. Unless you both are 16 years old.

So how to make a Ukrainian woman fall in love with you? Forget your western tactics and learn more about her culture. Observe what Slavic men do. A Ukrainian man does not let a woman pay on a date with him, actually even if it is a business lunch he still pays. He doesn’t let a lady carry her luggage, opens the door, and leads in a relationship. Of course, there are ill-mannered men in every culture, but luckily, they are a minority.

As a foreigner, you can pull off the “exotic” or “extra romance” card. Relationship with you from the very beginning promise more romance, intrigue, and adventure.  You should teach each other the peculiarities of your cultures and together choose what works best for your relationship. At the same time, it is naïve to expect her to westernize in the aspects that suit you best: the most stupid expectation – she will start splitting the bills on the dates as your ex from Texas. She won’t! simply because a Ukrainian girl usually invests so much more into her looks (and we are not speaking about a made-up beauty now) than your western ex. This doesn’t mean though she expects expensive gifts from you. Flowers, dinners, theater, or cinema tickets are expected, while fur-coats, iPhones, and jewelry are expected only if you try to win someone 15-20 years younger. In this case, you will have to compensate for the age gap. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? Well, it is a reality.

Try to be honest with yourself: why do you want a relationship? What are your long-term goals? Do they align with the goals of this Ukrainian lady? If the answer is yes – be honest with your lady, get ready to adjust your dating strategy to her culture, be patient and as a result, you will be rewarded with a love of a very special exotic lady.

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