How To Get More Experience With Women


Getting more lived experience is, by far, the most powerful factor in determining any man’s success with women and dating. Just how much action are YOU taking?

Dating Advice Is Overrated

The key to knowing the difference between good dating advice and bad dating advice and knowing what applies to you and what doesn’t is to get more and more experience with women.

Don’t ever trust dating advice without testing it first (including ours). And by testing, we mean really getting out and testing on hundreds of women over multiple days while accounting for a variety of variables including location, time of day, what you’re wearing, and any other factors you consider important to meeting women.

For as much as we write about the topic of dating advice and meeting women, there’s really nothing that can replace the pure, first-hand, lived experience of getting up, getting out and meeting women yourself.

Lived Experience Is King

Go forth, my people, and find, meet, keep and attract high value women of exceptional beauty and accomplishment through thine own lived experiences!

Basically, lived experience – the act of actually meeting / dating women – is king. And the king reigns supreme, knowing what’s best for his kingdom. And while the king DOES have advisers, chancellors, ministers and jesters (you know, just to keep things real at the court), ultimately, he’s the one in charge.

Take more action… MASSIVE action, and through doing so, gain more live experiences to use judge the worth of what you read and hear. As you get out more and more, and can more quickly identify women who are into you right from the beginning, you’ll begin to put together your own, unique model of interacting with women based on what works for you. All the while, keep an open mind to try out all different kinds of strategies. Having an open mind doesn’t preclude using critical analysis. Two sharp questions you might want to consider asking whenever you come across a piece of men’s dating advice are:

  • What are my end goals, guiding values and underlying assumptions behind how I interact with women and where I hope to go with my project of meeting them? And how does this piece of dating advice for men play into those (or not)? And…
  • What is this advice based on? The writer’s lived experience? Or hearsay?
  • Does this advice make me feel like a man of self-respect and integrity? Or does it feel like I’m trying to lie and weasel my way into women’s lives?

Keep these in mind as you head and meet more and more women every day while testing out all the advice you’ve read on meeting and dating women.