How to Date Turkish People the Right Way


It is hard to find a better way to discover new horizons, meet new people, taste new flavors of romance and relationships than dating. It is a wonderful way to meet someone with different views, another perspective of the world. All in all, during traveling dating, is an amazing way to embellish the journey, fill it with emotions, deep feelings, and an unforgettable experience. Especially when we are talking about traveling to amazing and sunny Turkey. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: what is the Turkish dating like, and what is the proper way to communicate with Turks to make dating successful?

Turkish character is contradictory in a lot of ways. It is always a challenge to live on a crossroads of the cultures, so they take something from the East, and from the West, and from Asia, and from Europe. They are always very protective of their legacy and cultural treasures, from architecture to cuisine. Depending on the roots, the Turks can have completely different views, mentality, and background.

The country is divided according to political views. One half are supporters of the traditional way of life, religious and conservative The other half is the so-called Kemalists, supporters of the ideas of Ataturk, the father of the modern Democratic Republic. They stand for a secular state, emancipation, and integration into the world community.

If a Turk becomes your friend, it will be friendship without reservations. And romance in Turkey is even more valued. Family, there is a treasure, so such an attitude is seen in every part of Turkish life. all the people are bonded to each other, that is why Turkish dating has a very specific and yet magnificent taste. If you want to find the most respectful and successful way for a Turkish dating, you need to know a couple of things about the customs and traditions of the Turks and some specific features they share.

  • Turkey is divided into two social groups. The first one sees the family in a very traditional way, Turkish women is covering herself almost all the time, doesn’t have anything on her own, and depends on a man in daily life. The second one has a much more liberal approach in matters of family and marriage, standing on a position of gender equality. Therefore, in order to create a strong relationship and have amazing experience in Turkish dating, you need to understand what is the point of your potential partner. Turks are quite stubborn when it comes to defending things they believe in, so if you have different views on how everything should work, you will have to put in a lot of effort and patience in order to find some common middle path.
  • Romance for local men and women is very ritualized. It is always a combination of order and improvisation. They are very happy when everything goes according to the plan. Flowers, small gifts and presents, restaurants, meeting their family, friends, and relatives in the correct moment. No rush and very calculated moments for improvised and unusual activities. Turkish dating is very passionate, so this is the way for them to shape such passion and waves of feelings and guide all of those in a proper way.
  • Turks are quite impulsive, personal trust and sympathy have great importance for them. They are masters in giving promises and keeping them. You should always be careful with what you are saying because they consider any point of yours very seriously and they will never tolerate even an inch of a lie. So when you start dating, both online and offline, be open and show everything you have, and you will totally get such sincerity back.
  • Turks are terrible workaholics. A six-day working week is a daily routine for them. So if you are planning something for your date, time-management is a required skill. Try to come up with activities that will multiply your energy and provide both of you with a chance to get to know each other better.
  • The eating and drinking habits of Turks highly depend on the way they are nurtured. If the family is religious and strongly sticks to the traditional values, there will be more restrictions for you too. So you need to know how much your date relies on religious and cultural rules. Try to show respect to it, even if such a lifestyle does not suit you personally.

Turkish dating maybe some sort of challenge, but the prize is significant — in the end you will get a reliable, passionate, loving, caring, and understanding partner, who will provide you with breathtaking romance and compassionate support twenty-four hours a day.