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5 Ways to Pick up Girls at the Gym

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Your local gym is an awesome place to meet women. Exercise is a common interest shared amongst much of the population, and you need to be taking advantage of this!

Whether it’s making small talk between sets, or seeing the same girl whenever you go to the gym, the opportunities are limitless.

Here Are A Few Pointers On How To Get Started:

1. Be Confident; Not Cocky.

Few things are more attractive than a man who looks confident and comfortable with himself. Feeling confident on the inside manifests itself in a physical way. In other words, it can be seen by others – the way you walk, talk, and carry yourself in general. Having pretty, wonderful girls notice you in the gym (and in life) is so much more than how good looking you are.

2. Make Her Feel Special.

Pick one or maybe a couple girls to glance back at every so often. Girls don’t want to see you checking out every female with two legs showing some skin. They want to feel special, and if they have their eye on you, they’ll be able to pick up on whether or not your eyes are all over the place.

3. Quit Using Cheesy Pickup Lines.

Stop asking “do you need help with that?” It’s an overused and quite honestly, lame pick up line. Girls like to feel empowered, and the last thing that emphasizes empowerment is unsolicited assistance. Assuming a girl cannot pick something up or shift equipment in the gym doesn’t do much for your game. It will likely come across as rude or as a cheesy way to talk to someone you’re interested in.

Try something along the lines of:

“Where did you see that deadlift variation? It looks awesome…I’ve never seen it before!”

This conversation starter is so much better because it puts her in the ‘power seat’. You’re coming to her in a genuine way and essentially asking for advice in the gym. Think about how often that happens!

You’re bound to stay in her mind, and the chances that she approaches YOU next time skyrockets.

4. Know When To Go!

If you want to get to know a girl better, or increase the chance you interact with her, take note of when she’s at the gym. If you know she goes at 6pm, make an effort for your gym times to coincide. It sounds creepy, but picking up on the schedule of whomever you’re interested in is important.  If you’re constantly running into the same girl throughout the week, chances are conversation is bound to occur.

Whether it’s at the water fountain, the main desk, or during exercise, it’s putting yourself in a good position. One of the most important elements of relationships, and in this case, potentially having a wonderful lady approach you, is proximity. Put yourself under the same roof as her on a consistent basis, and you’re greatly elevating the chances the two of you ‘click’.

5. Go To Classes!

The average yoga, spinning, or pilates class is filled with at least 80% females. These classes are intended to be social, so let your hair down and mingle. Classes are typically on a regular basis, so you’re bound to run into the same girl(s) repeatedly.

Get into a routine that works for you, whether it’s morning, lunchtime, or evening classes.

There are beginner classes for everything, so don’t be concerned about whether or not you’ve tried any in the past. You have nothing to lose!

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