One Secret to Every Woman`s Heart

woman's heart

Calling all men!

This shouldn’t come as a shock to you, but women love to dance. So, what’s better than being with a man who knows how to break it down? Not much! Well, unless you’re chocolate!

But, all jokes aside, if you need even more reasons to truly believe women adore men who can dance, check out the seven below!

1. It Shows You’re A Fun Loving Person

Think about it, when a guy’s dancing, he looks a lot happier than the guy sitting at the bar or standing against the wall twiddling his thumbs. If you’re out there on the dance floor really working it, it’s hard not to smile and have a great time. And, if you’re frequently dancing instead of slouching with your pinky out, it shows that you’re more interested in having fun than being a fly on the wall.

2. You’re Social and Self-Confident

Helen Fisher, PHD, has gone on the record stating when men are out there shaking it and showing the world their awesome moves, women think that they’re confident in their own capabilities. I mean, if a guy’s willing to get up in front of a group of people and display what he’s got, I don’t necessarily think that others are going to perceive him as an introvert who lacks confidence. Am I right?

3. You Can Move on the Dance Floor = You Can Move in the Bedroom

Yes, yes, unfortunately you can’t predict what a man is going to be like in the bedroom, even after you’ve seen his dance moves, but some women do instantly perceive a correlation and think, he really can dance, he must also know how to please…

4. It suggests You’re in Good Shape

Dancing is energetic! Unless you prefer silently swaying back and forth, dancing gets you up and moving. If you’re willing to shake it and you don’t end up keeling over begging for oxygen by the end of one song, you’re doing alright for yourself.

5. You’re Romantic 

Especially if you’re doing the tango or a slow waltz, all of the touching and caressing suggests you know how to hold a woman and what she wants. You’ve practically stepped out of a romantic comedy. Congratulations!

6. You’re Willing to Make an Effort

The truth is, most guys won’t dance when they’re out on the town because they either don’t like their moves or they think it’s “not cool.” If you’re willing to step outside of that predefined garbage, women will most likely think you’re progressive, and willing to do something “she” likes in order to get her attention…instead of just buying her a drink.

7. It’s Been Proven by Science!

happy coupleSome German researches were so interested in this topic that they decided to do a bit of an experiment. They asked 53 women to watch two videos of men dancing simultaneously. On one screen, a male who was a “good” dancer; on the other, a “bad” dancer. At this point, they tracked the eye movement of the women to determine which dancer attracted their attention. And, with no surprise, most women in the study thought that the “good” dancer was more “attractive” and “masculine.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and work with what your mama gave ya!