4 Signs It’s Time To Make A Move


The first date, and even those first few dates, can be tricky to negotiate. You might be getting along well, having a good time, but you’re not sure about the next step. You know that step. The step from “Hey, this is fun ,we make great friends” to “I am so into you,” or whatever your warn out 70’s cliche would be (Pro tip: Don’t say “I am so into you”). Some women are forward, and they make their wants and intentions clear. But it seems like most are coy, and want to be chased. It’s okay, though, they’ll let you know they want the pursuit. And if you’re not sure what to look for, check out our list of Four Signs It’s Time to Make a Move.

1. The Nuzzle.

It’s a commonly seen gesture, but you can’t linger too long on it. Say you’re watching a movie together early in the relationship. You had one date, and it went well, and you suggested a movie at your place. Sounds like a green light, right? Well,not so fast. Maybe she just shares your weird passion for Keanu Reeves movies, and wants to be friends. But, if she sits next to you and subtly moves a little closer, leans her head into you, not that’s a sign, Act fast, for if you wait too long, she’ll assume you’re not interested and back away.

2. The Giggle/Hair Flip/Smile.

So you’re strolling along with your date, talking and waxing about your life and hers, but you’re not sure what to do when the walk is concluded. You want to kiss her, but is she interested? Look for the trifecta known as the Giggle/Hair Flip/Smile. If she laughs at something you say and then subtly plays with her hair while smiling, that’s a sign brother. She may not even know that she’s doing it, but women do this, we swear. Think hard; you know you’ve seen it. Next time, you’ll be ready.

3. Female Initiated Texting.

If she’s initiating the back-and-forth texting, that’s a clear sign, man. She wants your attention, she wants to communicate with you…she’s all but holding up a sign telling you to make a move. It flies in the face in the theory of “the chase,” and for good reason. Now, if you see her next time and don’t make a move, don’t be surprised if those texts stop. She’ll think you’re not interested, and will focus her efforts elsewhere.

4. Unnecessary Physical Contact.

Sometimes, a human touch is only necessary. Playing games, moving through the subway, walking crowded streets…you can’t help but bump into, brush against, or otherwise touch someone. But if a woman goes out of her way to touch you, take note. She might lean across you instead of walk around you or ask you to pass something to her. Her hand might linger a bit longer on yours. And if she tries to tickle you? Please. That’s almost a written invitation to make your move and take the next step.