How To Buy A Girl A Drink Like A Boss


When you want to buy a girl a drink like a boss, you might need a little practice first. Don’t expect to be completely smooth and suave the first time you attempt this feat. How you approach the girl, what drink you choose, and how you act during and afterward will all make a big difference in whether or not the girl views you like a boss. You just have to keep in mind your reason for buying a girl a drink like a boss: to impress the girl, of course!

Stake the girl out.

Before you try to buy a girl a drink like a boss, you need to find a girl who will be receptive to your advances. For example, a girl that looks bored, tired, disinterested, or clearly into someone else is not going to think you’re a boss, no matter how smooth you are when buying her a drink. Instead, find a girl that looks alert. Glance her way and see if you can get an idea of her mood.  Ideally, she should look like she’s having a good time already and not be attached to another guy in any way. Most importantly, she should already have a drink.

Make eye contact.

The next step to buying a girl a drink like a boss is to make eye contact with her. Look in her direction and wait until she glances up. When she does, give her a million dollar smile. Remember, you want to look like a boss, not like a creepy weirdo who’s staring at her. Look friendly and approachable. Make sure she smiles back before you try to approach her.

Talk to the bartender.

Before you even talk to the girl, get the bartenders attention. Let him know that you plan to buy the girl a drink before you approach her. Be suave and confident. Get the bartender on your side, and ask that he help you out, man to man. With enough confidence, the bartender will think you’re the boss, too and will have no problem helping you out.

Now, approach the girl.

No cheesy pickup lines here, just approach and introduce yourself. Again, give her that smile and be confident. Be casual and cool. Remember, you’re trying to be the boss, not a blithering idiot. Ditch the tacky approach and cheesy lines, because she’s not going to fall for any of that, and you could end up killing your chances before you even get properly started!

Get that drink.

Once the girl seems into you, ask her what she’s drinking if you’re not sure. Wave down the bartender and order her drink for her. Say, “she’ll have another martini” or “another margaritia for this lovely lady.” Keep your eyes on the girl as you order. This will make you look more confident. Buying a girl a drink like a boss is not tough to accomplish, as long as you can keep your cool.