How To Use Eye Seduction


She’s a lone wolf. She’s sitting there on the bar-stool, by herself, just waiting for someone to talk to her. I’m standing five feet from her with my back against the bar. My body language is superb and I’m sure she notices. I catch her glancing over from the corner of my eye.

Lately, I’ve been focusing and practicing a lot on body language. After reading the book, The Definitive Book of Body Language, I’m realizing more and more how necessary it is to have this shit down. This is the stuff that really makes seducing a woman work. Forget about all those routines, that stuff is just to kill time while you are going through your courtship display. Non-verbal communication, especially with the eyes, is much more powerful in showing your attraction than any pick up artist line.

I’m leaned back in the cowboy stance. This consists of having my legs spread far apart, shoulders relaxed and thumbs tucked into the front pockets with the palms pointing at my crotch. Everything about my body screams sexual confidence.

I slowly turn my head and look at her. She looks over and we lock eyes. I refuse to be the first one to break off. I hold the gaze. She’s not looking away, she’s just sitting there staring back at me. It’s a showdown.

We are gazing at each other for an eternity when finally I give her a little smile. She returns the gesture and is the first to speak.

“You must be the happiest guy on earth.”

“Funny, that’s what it says on my business card” I reply

“What’s your name?” she asks

“Matt, and you?” I say as I walk over to her.

She tells me her name and I shake her hand while still gazing into her eyes. I’m in her comfort zone now. She does a hair toss and leans her head to the side exposing her neck to me. This is a sign of attraction and submission. I engage in kino, gently touching her on the upper and lower arm.

We are having a conversation but I have no clue what we are talking about. It doesn’t even matter anymore. I’ve been staring into her pupils for the longest time now, not once have I looked away. We both know what is going down.

“Um, so do you live around here?” she asks.

“Yea just down the street.” I say with a little smirk

“You want to see it? It’s a nice little place.”

“Umm, I don’t think I should.” she says

“Oh, I don’t think you should either. That’s why I’m just going to show you this one thing and then kick you right out.” I reply

“I want to but I really can’t. I have to meet my boyfriend soon.” she says

Arrrggghhhh. This is killing me. This is where my game falls apart. I don’t know what to do now.

“Huh” I say in confusion

“Sorry, but I really need to get going now. It was really great meeting you though.” She says.

Just like that, she’s out the door and into a cab.

Though I didn’t close the deal, I am chalking this encounter up to a major success. The use of eye contact in building attraction and rapport was amazing.