How Do You Value Yourself?


Have you ever considered how you value yourself?

The most important opinion of yourself is from… well yourself.

Yes you may have family and close friends who’s opinions you think matter and, to a certain extent, they do. They are the people who live around you everyday. They have a good idea of what you are like as a person.

However this does not compare to how you value yourself. How you value yourself will normally become reality.

If you believe yourself to be a worthless loser who can’t meet women, then you are gonna act like a worthless loser who can’t meet women.

If you think and therefore act this way then you certainly going to struggle to meet women. You need to look at yourself in a different light. A much more positive light.

So how do you value yourself?

Take a moment and really consider this question. Think carefully about how you see yourself. Do you see yourself as:

* Someone who is fun to be around
* Someone who can hold a decent conversation
* Someone who is interesting enough to hold a woman’s attention
* Someone who women like to be around because they are interesting
* etc


* Someone who is bad with women
* Someone who is boring, ugly, etc
* Someone who can’t hold a woman’s attention
* Etc

If you have read the above and ,most of your answer fall in the second set then you value yourself lowly. You are sabotaging any chance you have with women.

How you see yourself is generally how other people will see you.

For example if you are talking to a hot girl and you believe you are not interesting enough to hold her attention then most likely you will come across boring. It’s pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The mind controls what the body does. Therefore, by thinking it, your brain will tell the body to respond accordingly. In this case you will probably struggle with what to say or do next because you are worried it ain’t gonna be good enough to keep the girls attention.

What can you do?

One of the first real steps to becoming better with women is believing that you are good enough to attract women.

Ask yourself what qualities you have that make you good enough to attract women?

It can be anything you like. Make sure you really think hard about everything that makes you an interesting, amazing, totally awesome guy who is good enough.

The reason I say think hard is because it can be very difficult to pick out your good qualities. I remember thinking I had nothing to offer women. However a certain Andrew Tch picked out a number of qualities that I possessed, including magic, which was something I loved but didn’t think was any good for women.

You could even get a close friend to help you pick out your best attributes.

Think about:

* Qualities you have such as being funny, intelligent, witty, etc.
* Skills you possess like playing guitar, magic, speaking another language.
* Stuff you have achieved such as running a marathon, raising money for charity, etc.

Final thoughts

Once you have looked at yourself in a more positive light, you will realise that you are an awesome guy who definitely does deserve to be great with women.