Meeting Girls At College Parties


Look guys, a lot of dating advice and pick up advice can work amazing. However, it is designed for 21 and up bars/clubs.

So where does this leave a college guy, especially if he’s under 21. In college a HUGE majority of partying and hooking up goes on at parties where normal pick up techniques simply do not work as well and the strategy has to be changed up a bit.

This doesn’t mean its hard though.

At a party, there is no true cold approach. A party, for the most part (depending on the size) is a tight to loose social circle coming together.

What does this mean to you though?

This mean that it’s not so much how you interact with a girl off the bat, it’s how you interact with everyone else at the party. You can drastically improve your chance with a girl before you even hit on her and sometimes you can even get her to hit on you if your the life of the party. I want you to think about the parties you have been to and then apply this to pick up. Lets take a look at two types of people at the party.

Person 1 is that guy that you always notice at the party. He might not be doing nothing special, but if he were to leave the party people would notice. This is even more prevalent at smaller parties of 10-50 people. This person is for lack of better terms “the life of the party”. Girls are at the party to have fun, this guy is a huge source of fun. Therefore he could simply walk up to any girl, say hello and they would be VERY receptive to talking to him. No game needed.

Person 2 is the person who is sucking fun off the party, not making it. Think of the group of people that are drinking and not really talking to people. They will also commonly hang around or be near Person 1 to try and get in on the fun. This guy could have the pick up skills of a master, but when he approaches girls they will not open up very easily because he hasn’t demonstrated what’s attractive to them at that moment (fun). He’s going to be fighting an up hill battle.

So obviously to make life very easy for yourself, it’s not about having crazy skills with women, its about being able to be a source of fun. This needs to be your goal.

After that, there’s one thing that I will constantly use to put me at an even better sexual advantage. This is having a reputation with everyone there and having a flirty vibe with every girl at the party. This doesn’t mean you have to know everyone prior to the party. I am often a relative stranger when I show up.

This means introducing yourself to everyone and when you talk to girls working in some teasing/flirting. This is going to do two things for you.

– Its going to make you a social connection. Your going to have a ton of power since you will become like an ambassador of the party. People will want to talk to you because they are there to socialize and you are their lifeline.

– Take what I just said and then apply the fact that you have a semi flirty vibe with every girl there. It’s probably only a matter of time before one of these girls comes on to you. This is how you hear about ‘frat guys’ getting so much action in college. They are a huge connection at a party and therefore have a ton of value. Take comfort knowing most of the guys get out of college and then have trouble with something as simple as finding a girlfriend because they’ve been playing on easy mode for four years.